It’s here! Well, almost. Yes, it’s been like birthing a baby…I think. Whatever. I’m psyched because I’ve waited months to be able to announce this and now I can! 🙂

My new book “I’m at a Networking Event–Now What??? A Guide to Getting the Most Out of Any Networking Event” is now available!

I’m eager to share this handy little opus with the many folks out there looking to develop their networking muscle, and as a result, kick their business acumen up a notch. I’m also confident that they’ll find great value for their business or career after reading just a few chapters. I think this book will prove especially helpful to all the newbie networkers out there — whether they’re recent graduates or someone that’s found themselves unexpectedly in the job market after ten or more years of not worrying too much about their next career or business move. You know who you/they are…..

As you would expect from me, this book is full of straight talk, and frankly, as I researched this book, I received plenty of support that that’s what many people need right now. Effective networking skills CAN be learned and actually having a “social network” has become an integral part of everyday life. I think it’s time we all learn how to develop good social capital and pay it forward whenever we can.

I am extremely grateful to those of you who contributed to the book (knowingly and unknowingly), and also those who were kind enough to review it and then willing to write an endorsement or the Foreword. Please read what a few respected and successful professionals have to say below, and then perhaps you’ll order a few copies for your clients, friends, family or yourself? You can easily order through Amazon by clicking the book cover below. Thanks for your support!

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“If you want a great read with awesome advice on networking, then this book is a must on your book shelf. Sandy offers a truckload of practical “how to” strategies, tips, insights, best practices and examples to illustrate her points. Her pay-it-forward approach is a revolutionary idea I found especially intriguing. If you’re struggling for ways to expand your professional contacts and relationships, you’ll find lots of answers in the pages of this excellent book.”

Alan Collins, author of Unwritten HR Rules and former Vice President of Human Resources at PepsiCo

“Sandy Jones-Kaminski is the Supreme Queen of Networking and has lots to teach the rest of us about how to network professionally in a truly effective way that also makes one’s personal life richer, more meaningful and more fun. Buy her book, read it and then put her lessons to work to make you wealthy in contacts, opportunities, colleagues, and friends. Sandy’s insights and philosophy help you understand how to approach networking in a fresh new way. Her tools and tips help you actually practice networking much more powerfully. For urban professionals seeking to grow their meaningful professional contacts this book is simply a “must have,” and if a Norwegian bachelor farmer read Sandy’s book, and put it to use, he would be having a lot more fun at the Grange Hall and church suppers he has been too shy to attend.”

Susannah Malarkey, Executive Director, Technology Alliance, Seattle

“When it comes to networking, Sandy’s book nails it. While the wake-up call has finally reached just about everybody in terms of the importance relationships play in business and career success, as she notes, and I’ve observed firsthand, you still find about 80{60023c7b1960a5fb9dae172379ca3153ba00fa4679a2b03978f428523be766b5} of the folks out there struggling to really ‘get’ the process or understand how to go about it effectively. For this crowd, Sandy’s advice is invaluable. She breaks the entire concept of networking down into a series of easily digestible parts and then sprinkles in her own hard-won insights over how to build relationships that matter. Whether you’re a rookie or an old pro at the networking game, I guarantee you’ll walk away from this book with some new ideas, tools, and tactics that will help you be more successful!”

Matt Youngquist, President & Founder, Career Horizons, LLC

“This book is a unique and thoughtful approach to making you realize that networking is a part of every day life. Sandy really simplifies the act of networking and makes it easy and actionable for anyone. It’s the perfect quick guide for any college student or recent grad to learn the basics on how to approach and be successful in networking – and have fun doing it!”

Julie Ahn Goldthwait, former Vice President & General Manager, MonsterTRAK, currently VP – Brand & Acquisition Marketing at T-Mobile

“Sandy Jones-Kaminski is a skilled networker, but with a unique twist: she knows how to motivate and inspire people to change their focus from Me to We. The result: a wide network of professionals who meet regularly to help one another. Most networking groups—and networkers—focus on ways to benefit themselves. Sandy is a master at gathering people who want to benefit all—and she does so in a very natural, laid-back way. Don’t bother buying other networking books with the Me First mindset. The value of Sandy’s approach and the tools she provides are far more beneficial, and frankly, more fun.”

Eric Weaver, former Account Director, Tribal DDB

“In our economic climate, the art of networking is a critical skill, and as a connector myself, I’ve seen many struggle to engage in meaningful conversation in casual business situations. In this networking primer, Sandy Jones-Kaminski succinctly and powerfully reminds us all of our responsibility to ourselves and to others as we navigate an ever-changing business environment. By embracing her pay-it-forward approach, you’ll open up a world of opportunity–and valuable connections–that didn’t seem possible before. And you’ll be able to turn a dry business affair into something interesting and fun!”

Katherine Hall, Past President, Puget Sound/Seattle Chapter, American Marketing Association

“Certain social networks see the world before the world sees their
network, others are seen by the world and marketed to before they know
what hit them, and still others have no clue of the world and the
world could care less. This book shares how to be genuine yet
strategic in your approach to building a network that matters and will
last. It is hands on, buoyant and stitched together with Sandy’s fun,
pragmatic yet philosophical approach.”

Aaron Fairchild, CEO/Managing Partner, Green Canopy Homes

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