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Bella Domain Media is a San Francisco Bay Area-based strategies and execution firm focused on helping entrepreneurs (solo or otherwise), small to midsize business owners and corporate executives reach their next level of business or career growth.

Here are a few things I can help with:

  • Data-driven and targeted online marketing or social selling programs
  • Publicity
  • Business development* activities
  • Marketing communications
  • Naming
  • Social selling programs
  • Social media marketing and networking
  • Partnerships
  • Affiliate or publisher network management
  • Sales channel exploration/development
  • Harnessing the power of social selling/networking tools (like LinkedIn)

With 20+ years of practical experience in both start-up and mature company environments, which includes 10+ years in marketing research in Chicago (my hometown), 4+ years during the dot-com days in San Francisco Bay, 4+ years in Seattle, and since 2010, San Francisco again, I can help you both see and actualize what’s possible. And, most importantly, we’ll reach your aggressive growth and revenue goals quickly as well as efficiently. I’ll help you identify, qualify and cultivate new sales leads through publicly available sources such as LinkedIn, events, referrals, and even follow-up calls.

I offer a value-based 3-6 months retainer, which allows you to access to my skills and experience in return for a fixed monthly fee.

Maria Ross of Red Slice“Sandy is a networking maven and LinkedIn ninja. She combines her expertise in how to network online or offline with her vast knowledge of how to use LinkedIn to generate leads, find connections, and get found by the folks who matter most. She has all kinds of social selling and networking tips and tricks that will change your business.” – Maria Ross, Red Slice LLC

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Strategic Online Marketing and Communications Offerings:

• Communications Programs and Social Media Marketing

• Partnerships and Publicity

• Advisory Board and Business Coaching Services

• Effective Business Networking Training

• Small Business Booster

What Some Clients Have to Say: 

Lindsay of LCP Consulting, LLC“I hired Sandy to assess my LinkedIn profile and to provide recommendations for improving it and my LinkedIn/social media activity as a marketing lever. She delivered in spades. In just a few hours, she showed me how to make the most of my LinkedIn profile, from modifying the tone and content of my profile, to optimizing my settings to gain the right eyeballs strategically. She was honest, creative, candid, smart and an unusual expert in this area. I would hire Sandy again and again.”

Lindsay Pederson,
Brand Positioning Expert and Marketing Strategy Consultant, Ironclad Brand Strategy

Jeff Dixon, formerly at Jobster“Sandy works at great length to understand the context of her engagement — the business model, history, competitors, technology, etc., which helps her be more effective in her work. During her work at Jobster, she was great at representing our organization while reaching out to potential partners, establishing many new relationships, and mending any past relationships that may have gone sour. Sandy was responsible for forging many of the successful partnerships we have today. I’d happily work with Sandy again given the opportunity.”

Jeff Dixon
VP of Product Development
Jobster Inc./Recruiting.com

Todd Nagle, Vinoetic“I had the pleasure to gain Sandy’s insight on business development of my company Vinoetic Inc. Sandy brings a generous spirit in her approach, both in sharing relevant information, perspective and her undeniable desire to see her clients succeed. Sandy’s background in brand development and especially her experience in market research of consumer data presented her as an ideal sounding board for Vinoetic. Sandy quickly captured the essence of Vinoetic via targeted and educated questions. Even more impressive was her ability to grasp our company’s long-term vision. She helped us shape our key messages to our clients in a way that spoke genuinely about who we are and why we do what we do. I recommend her work and look forward to utilizing her enthusiastic talents in the future.”

Todd Nagle


Communications Programs and Social Media Marketing

As an online marketing communications specialist, with a special knack for identifying, planning and executing results-oriented programs, I can help achieve what you never thought possible or didn’t have the resources to see realized.

Do you have a content strategy? Does your site actually position your services or products the way you want, and are the user experience and content focused on attracting the types of clients/customers you want? Do visitors leave your site wondering what you do or what makes you special?  I work with clients to optimize their web property, online creative, and marketing strategies through metrics analysis to get the ROI they deserve.

I’m especially capable within professional services or B2B arenas and can create a content and social media strategy as well as provide wordsmithing and social media management if you need it. And, since I am also an experienced website project management veteran, I can easily help you harness this powerful marketing tool. Visit this page to learn more about my social media packages.

Partnerships and Publicity

I can help you build a partner program by prospecting, approaching and negotiating agreements with new high-value partners. And, if you don’t need a full-service PR solution just yet (who wants to pay those fees?!), but want to take advantage of some of the easily accessible opportunities that are readily available to elevate your brand and profile, I can also guide you in evaluating how social media can support your brand. I can even help you connect with business-boosting partners that currently have more visibility and/or get you or your activities noted in a few key places which often translates into a lot of bang for not a lot of buck.

View an animated testimonial (a.k.a. animonial) from a happy former client HERE.

Advisory Board and Business Coaching Services

Being an entrepreneur, “Connector” (Gladwell reference) and business consultant I give out a lot of advice, and, in many cases, it’s often free. Most folks like to try before they buy, and fairly often enough, I’m willing to oblige.

Fortunately, and along the way, I also get asked to provide Advisory Board or coaching services since I spend so much time focused on helping small and mid-sized businesses grow. Many folks need specialized, unbiased advisers that will vet their ideas, hone their strategies, and introduce them to key clients and vendors, making them and their business more successful. In short, they recognize that having access to an experienced, biz savvy adviser will optimize their business.

My mission to help SMB (Small/Medium Business) executives see and actualize what’s possible is one of the main reasons I started Bella Domain Media. Beyond that, I wish I had more time to personally work with all the individuals and businesses that approach me, but time is something no entrepreneur has much of.

My current goal is to manage a handful of Advisory Board or coaching positions per year, some paid, and some not paid. The work I do for the for-profits pretty much pays for the work that I do for the non-profits.

Currently, the only positions I’m looking at are paid, for-profit Advisory Boards or coaching roles. I have a long list of non-profits that I hope to eventually help, so I’m not actively seeking any new ones right now.

For the paid positions, I prefer cash deals, but am open to partial stock deals as well. Based on the time commitment, my rates start at $12,000 per year for cash (slightly more if part stock), which isn’t exactly a Big 5 rate, but then again, I’m happy to say, Bella Domain Media is NOT a Big 5 firm.

Here’s what I can help with:

Business Plan Refinement & Pitching
Strategic Alliances/Partnerships
Branding, Positioning & Messaging
Marketing Plans (including social media/selling)
Business Development Programs
Growth Strategy

If this sounds like there might be a fit, I’d love to hear from you. Click here to email me or complete my contact form here.

Effective Business Networking Training

Just like effective management and leadership skills, networking skills can be learned. I share my practical advice and hard-earned professional insights on effective networking via webinars, webcasts, media interviews, one-on-one coaching sessions, panel participation, speaking engagements, workshops, and by facilitating in-person networking events called Pay It Forward Parties.

“Sandy conducted a webinar called the “12 Rules of Effective Networking” for us. We have an extremely tough audience on our webinars-not super easy to please and she absolutely wowed them with her presentation. She got all  ‘outstandings’ on her audience evaluation and she’s super easy to work with on top of it.” 

Julie Beach, Associate Director, Career Development at Out and Equal Workplace Advocates

Sandy Jones-Kaminski presents 12 Rules of Effective Networking

Example takeaways:

– Four myths about networking
– How to approach networking as a form of service to your community instead of self-promotion
– Ways to begin a conversation with someone by asking something other than “What do you do?”
– Which side is the right side to wear a name tag

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Find more professional training HERE and read more webinar, speaking and training testimonials HERE.


 Small Business Boosting

*Small Business Booster

Having a business development strategy as part of your SMB can be the life or death of a business. If you aren’t really sure what one is, let alone how to begin developing your biz dev plan and strategy, contact me because I can help! Knowing exactly which marketing efforts pay dividends for YOUR business will save you time, money and effort by allowing you to focus your sales and marketing budget on tactics that work. I’ll teach you how to identify, qualify and cultivate new sales leads through publicly available sources such as LinkedIn, events, referrals, and even follow-up calls.

With a solid and diverse business development background, plus plenty of experience in various professional settings, I offer informal and personalized small business development coaching (no need for group shares here). I’ve had revenue responsibility, executive team experience, challenging revenue goals (and exceeded them), negotiated multi-million dollar strategic partnerships, hired and trained salespeople and even know what it’s like to face a cash flow crisis.

In addition to what’s above, I bring loads of personal and relevant general business knowledge as well as experience as a mentor and adviser. I can help with pipeline building (opportunity/lead generation), goal setting, market development and even retooling your own professional brand and online presence as they relate to your business. Not sure if this booster is for you? Let’s set up a time to talk via phone, Zoom or Skype to briefly discuss what you want to accomplish and determine if I am the one that can help you.

Ready to start today? Check out this Small Business Booster Program here.

Call 415.613.8508 or contact me to schedule your first consultation and/or request an invoice. 

A solo “Boost” Session is also available and offered via a 2-hour interactive video-based Zoom or Skype session for only $375. Don’t have a PayPal account? Pay as a guest with a credit card now, sign up for PayPal whenever or never.

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Happy client, Patrick Muldoon“I recently received marketing & business consulting from Sandy at Bella Domain. Using her services for the first time, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I can truly say that I am very happy with the results of our meeting. I already have significant business experience and I am launching a new venture, but Sandy took me to places I would not have thought of. My time with Sandy was very well spent and I am in the process of working on her recommendations. She provided expert knowledge and great value. I am sure I will be working with Sandy again as my new business progresses. Thanks again Sandy.”

Patrick Muldoon, Owner, Dominate Locally

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*What IS Business Development?

There is a difference between sales, marketing, and business development; and not everyone knows what it is. In my experience, Business Development plays in the same sandbox as and has a strong connection to those areas, but in the majority of today’s environments, biz dev focuses mainly on identifying, securing, cultivating and maintaining relationships that matter to strategic partnerships and/or the sales pipeline. GrowthX Academy describes it this way: Business development at its core is all about creating growth for your company through relationships with customers and partners.

And, for what it’s worth, true business development is rarely a commission only-based functional area. It requires a high skill level and an innate ability to make things happen and get things done. A skilled biz dev pro knows how to strike a delicate balance between diligently pursuing a prospect and always maintaining a high level of respect for the boundaries and wishes of the prospect. Most biz dev pros are data-driven and have usually progressed beyond straight sales or marketing and are able to create revenue enhancing opportunities out of ideas that they have either generated themselves or perhaps found lying around being overlooked.

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