The Job Search Jump-Starter program is what you need if you want to jump-start your job search whether you are rebooting your career, switching industries, pivoting back to W2-land from freelance or are ready for your 2nd act.

Rosanne Kim“Sandy is an amazing resource and partner and so full of energy. I worked with Sandy during a job transition and was impressed by her deep understanding of LinkedIn and her ability to navigate the nuances of the platform to help me create a personalized, authentic profile that better captures who I am and what I have to offer. She also taught me how easy it can be to make simple changes to extend my personal brand whether that be through networking or social media. In addition, Sandy is very personable, customizes her approach and is all around fun to work with!” – Rosanne K., Brand Builder + Marketing Director

“A coach may be the guardian angel you need to rev up your career.”
– MONEY Magazine

You’re Ready to Start a New Job Search–Now What???

First things first…

Own your digital footprint.

The Job Search Jump-Starter program starts with a phone-based discovery session so I can learn all about your ideal job, gig or client. Then, I’ll go off and do an audit of your current digital footprint as it relates to LinkedIn, a Google search, and your key social profiles.

After that, we’ll schedule coaching sessions to a) zero in on and define your personal brand, b) polish your LinkedIn profile and boost your user skills on the platform, and then c) fine-tune how you approach and leverage your network.

You need to own your digital footprint!

The brand that is you…

In this first module, we’ll define your professional, yet personal brand. The intent of personal branding is to attract people who want what you do in the way only you do it.

A well-crafted personal brand statement is essential to any job search today. It becomes part of your career story whether it’s shared online, at events or during interviews. It helps others learn what sets you apart and can clarify the value you bring to an organization.

What we’ll work on together:

  • Understanding what goes into an excellent personal brand and how it represents you
  • Pinpointing your values, skills, motivation, and successes – so they can be incorporated into your statement
  • Composing your personal brand statement (PBS)

(This module is currently only available as part of the Job Search Jump-Starter program.)

Next, we’ll schedule a one-on-one session to create an All-Star profile on LinkedIn where we perform a makeover so it’s specifically geared to attracting the types of opportunities you’re interested in TODAY.

“Sandy is an expert in building professional and personal brands online. I made the wise choice of contracting her services last year when I decided to make a shift in my career to further my personal development and increase my income while pursuing my passions.

Marco LobregatSandy’s advice and guidance helped me professionalize my LinkedIn account and leverage my network to open more opportunities. She was even able to connect me with other professionals in the areas of work I was exploring to give me better insight and a foot in the door. Since working with her, I have not only received numerous opportunities via LinkedIn, I have strengthened both my network and net worth.

I highly recommend engaging Sandy and seeing how she can help you further your career, build your brand or grow your business.” – Marco L., Global Sales and Marketing Manager and Consultant, Digital Marketer, Entrepreneur

Maximizing LinkedIn…LinkedIn Profile Makeover tool is waiting for you!

This second module of the program includes everything you need to know about professionally showcasing your personal brand on LinkedIn. You’ll experience a detailed LinkedIn profile makeover and learn how to take control of ALL the information on your profile via some expert “LinkedIn Hacks” that can impact how well you “show up” on the platform.

Plus, we’ll review proactive strategies that will help you grow your network, find new opportunities among LinkedIn’s 11 million+ active job openings, generate interest, raise your visibility and more.

Once we’re done you’ll know how to execute effective tactics to leverage LinkedIn for a digitally-savvy job search and/or to elevate your personal brand.

Executive client, Michelle Erikson

“Working with Sandy to create my LinkedIn Profile was a fun, collaborative, and ultimately a very satisfying experience. The end result has already proved to be an excellent investment based on the feedback and opportunities I’ve received. Sandy’s interpersonal skills combined with her technical knowledge and social media savvy helped me to create a profile that actually reflects who I am today and who I want to be in the future. It was like getting the benefit of a career coach, psychologist, and social media consultant all rolled into one!” – Michelle E., Corporate Exec, Chicago

“People who use a career coach find jobs faster than those who don’t, according to a study by talent management firm Lee Hecht Harrison.” – Wall Street Journal

“A goal without a plan is just a wish.” ― Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Never stop networking…

Now it’s time to fine-tune how you approach and leverage your network.

Networking Map from Bella Domain MediaIf you’re going to find your next big thing, then networking is going to play a significant role in making it happen. After all, most jobs are found through networking and when you’re networking as part of a job search, it’s usually all about meeting a few well-connected people who can vouch for your ability and who are willing to refer you to a few other well-connected people.

What we’ll do together:

  • Review effective ways to build your network
  • Identify the connections within your current network on which to focus
  • Identify areas where you’ll likely find those elusive right-for-you new connections
  • Create a personalized “networking map” and devise an outreach plan
  • Uncover the hidden job market within your network
  • Understand networking etiquette so you can excel at it and expand your network even further
  • Tap into LinkedIn for new contacts and prospective employers
  • Review best practices for requesting informational interviews (to identify desired career possibilities, network, etc.)

BONUS: Receive a signed copy of I’m at a Networking Event–Now What???: A Guide to Making the Most Out of Any Networking Event.

“You are never too old to set another goal or dream a new dream.”

– C.S. Lewis 

About the Job Search Jump-Starter program:

You will be supported, guided, and held accountable throughout this program. My commitment to you is to help you confidently market yourself and master the digital aspects of today’s job search interview process. We’ll work either in person (TBD), via phone or Skype/Zoom from my SF Bay Area location (Pacific time zone).

Everything in this exclusive 3-part program is yours for only $1295 (when paid in full via Buy Now below) and is tailored to your individual needs and goals.

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What else? 

In addition to the above, I partner with a few different resume specialists and other career management experts to offer other additional job search components, as needed. Just let me know if you need a referral and I’ll be happy to make an introduction.

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Teresa G., Seattle “Sandy is simply a networking rock star. She has a gift to help each person on their hunt on an individual level and does not do a one size fits all approach whatsoever. She not only gave me terrific advice (which I used) but helped me chose the right job and even followed through after to make sure I was happy. There are few people out there like Sandy. If you are searching for a job or looking to make a change, she will help you get to the right job for you.” – Teresa G., Co-founder, Journe Agency

Alok Kapur, Mobile & Emerging Media Senior Business LeaderSandy is a career coach, motivator, and guide par excellence. She has personally counseled and helped me think through my career objectives in light of my current experiences as well as future aspirations. I would recommend her to anyone looking to better message their current work experience, articulate their career objectives to potential employers or simply structure their resume. She is a LinkedIn savant and can also help anyone make better use of this excellent tool! – Alok Kapur, Mobile & Emerging Media Senior Business Executive, formerly at Microsoft

We stand behind our services!I’m confident you’re going to love working with me, but if you don’t, or find our work together is not what you needed, I absolutely, positively want to know! Simply email me within 48 hours of your purchase or session and I’ll give you a complete refund.