Looking for a way to finally and effectively leverage all that the LinkedIn platform has to offer you or your clients? You’ve heard it can help you generate new leads and gain a competitive advantage, but how?

I help business owners, corporate professionals, and entrepreneurs, like you, maximize your use of LinkedIn for business growth, opportunity generation, and personal brand building.

Today, experts agree, expanding your LinkedIn network is crucial to advancing your career or growing your business and did you know your LinkedIn profile is one of the first things that comes up when someone Googles you? Read more because cracking the code and developing mastery of this powerful tool is definitely worth your valuable time.

SandyJK's profile view around a public event in Nov 2014

Have you recently said, “I’ve been on LinkedIn for years now, but I’m still not sure what I’m supposed to be doing on it?” Are you finally ready to “crack the code” and start landing clients on LinkedIn? Have your weekly profile views flatlined, and you want more control of your LinkedIn profile and privacy on the platform? Or maybe LinkedIn’s latest interface has you stuck and frustrated?

In recent years, LinkedIn has become much more than a professional social network. LinkedIn has evolved into a powerful lead generation tool for many businesses and it’s not only a self-refreshing contact database, share space and content aggregator, it also expands your digital footprint and searchable “brand.” Its features, like Publisher and Groups, lend themselves well to connecting businesses with prospects.

In fact, if you want to boost your brand’s visibility and drive leads, I believe it is still a key place to invest your time online. I also believe that it’s the powerful combination of LinkedIn and offline networking that will bring you the best results. Start learning how to leverage LinkedIn to build a great reputation – and drive new business relationships today.

Are you following best practices for sharing on LinkedIn?

How would you like to learn to:

  • cultivate your professional brand on LinkedIn and attract clients, strategic partners, and other targeted audiences,
  • make the most of content sharing and status updates,
  • use LinkedIn to drive 4x more traffic to your website and gain a competitive advantage,
  • publish your own blog on their platform?

I can teach you all this and more during a private session or customized workshop for you and your team. Let me help you transform your LinkedIn presence to get the results you want.

Contact me directly to discuss how I can positively impact your organization or support your professional goals.

To excel and to know how to show it is to excel twice. – Baltasar Gracian

See the most popular ways I can help below:

 Mastering LinkedIn Programs

My LinkedIn Chops: LinkedIn Live with Sandy Jones-Kaminski

  • Handpicked by LinkedIn to present my marketing and brand-boosting tips to 150+ business owners at a LinkedIn Live event
  • Attended multiple in-depth training sessions delivered by LinkedIn’s own executives
  • Coached 500+ business owners, solo entrepreneurs, and corporate executives
  • Delivered loads of public and private “Leveraging LinkedIn” workshops and presentations to 5000+ people
  • Member of private Friends of LinkedIn group and power user of LinkedIn since 2004
  • Provide ongoing product development input to LinkedIn’s own product managers, marketers and engagement specialists

Basics+ session:

A personalized 90 min, one-on-one session for business owners, entrepreneurs (solo or start-up) or corporate executives looking to maximize their use of LinkedIn for business growth, personal branding or thought leadership. This is a detailed LinkedIn profile review and reality check where we will discuss key strategic ways you can attract clients and generate leads and opportunities through an active presence on LinkedIn.

You’ll also learn how to take control of ALL the information on your profile via some expert “LinkedIn Hacks,” which I can’t wait to teach you!

Top 5 Reasons to Work with Sandy: Another happy client!
1) She’s a LinkedIn Guru!
2) She is personable AND professional
3) Even when you are lost in the process, she is patient and understanding
4) She can customize her training on the fly
5) By the end of a session you have the tools you need to be LinkedIn-mazing.

Thanks, Sandy!  – Anne Theisen, Chief Marketer, Anne Theisen Consulting

This training session is offered as a phone or web-based or Skype/Google+ hangout session for only $399. Why not get serious about generating opportunities and achieving your goals this year by maximizing your presence on LinkedIn this month? 

Appointments are available throughout the week, but often fill up fast, so don’t wait!

You can easily submit your LinkedIn session PAYMENT INFO via the BUY NOW button below and then within less than 24 hrs you’ll receive a link to schedule your session.

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Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions! Want me to speak to / train your group? Visit here first. 


Session Length/Type

The details: After you’ve paid for your session, I will be notified and will contact you to schedule your appointment. Note: All $399 and $499 sessions are conducted via an online meeting tool, Skype, or Zoom.  (Non-refundable if less than 48 hours notice of cancellation, otherwise, 50 percent refund.)

Book your Mastering LinkedIn “Basics+” Session

Maggie Lesslie - integrated marketing consultant“I asked Sandy to help me out with some strategic Linkedin advice that I needed to give me some confidence with a client, as LI isn’t my usual platform. Sandy was amazing! We had the best 2 hour video training session. She had stacks of ideas and suggestions for tweaking Linkedin profiles, groups and all sorts of tactical things to do to reach out to people and start conversations. I highly recommend Sandy to anyone wanting to optimize their LinkedIn profile!”

– Maggie Leslie,  Integrated Marketing pro, small biz owner

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Premium Plus package:

A premium Mastering LinkedIn session is for small business owners, solo entrepreneurs or corporate executives looking to elevate their use of LinkedIn for thought leadership, professional branding or business growth. This customized training includes everything offered in the Basics+ Session, plus a whole lot more. But make no mistake, this package is not based on a passive strategy; we’ll review proactive strategies that will help you grow your network, find new clients, generate leads, media inquiries, and other opportunities. Are you ready to learn how to leverage LinkedIn to build your reputation and drive new business relationships?

After an initial phone or web-based session discovery session, the rest will be completed with and for you. This premium package and all its personalization can be yours for only $1099.

Session Length/Type

Book your Mastering LinkedIn Premium session

Working with Sandy to create my LinkedIn Profile was a fun, collaborative, and ultimately a very satisfying experience. The end result has already proved to be an excellent investment based on the feedback and opportunities I’ve received. Sandy’s interpersonal skills combined with her technical knowledge and social media savvy helped me to create a profile that actually reflects who I am today and who I want to be in the future. It was like getting the benefit of a career coach, psychologist, and social media consultant all rolled into one!

– Michelle E., Corporate Exec

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Profile review:

If you’d like me to review and provide feedback on your LinkedIn profile, I’ll find your profile on LinkedIn and then get back to you with a link to my web-based video critique (a.k.a., reality check), as well as a few suggestions, within 48 hrs or less (for $95). Don’t have a PayPal account? Pay as a guest now, sign up for PayPal whenever or never.

Book your Profile Review Here

Emily Cohen, writer and lots more“The two hours I spent with Sandy discussing my objectives and reviewing my LinkedIn profile were the best, most cost-effective two hours I’ve spent in a long time! Not only is Sandy an expert at virtually every aspect of LinkedIn, but also she makes the entire process fun and enjoyable. What’s more, since I’ve made the changes Sandy suggested, I have seen an increase in both the quality and quantity of my business leads. That’s ROI defined.” 

– Emily Cohen, Cohen Communications

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 Professional Blogging and Publishing

Professional Blogging and Content Publishing on LinkedIn

Publish your perspective. Establish your reputation.

Strengthen your professional reputation and extend your reach by publishing on LinkedIn
Strengthen your professional reputation and extend your reach by publishing on LinkedIn!

LinkedIn can be a powerful platform for content marketing, personal branding boosting and showcasing your expertise. There are many ways to promote your content on the platform, including (re)publishing your blog posts through LinkedIn Pulse. There are well over 1 million unique writers publishing more than 130,000 posts a week on LinkedIn (July 2015). About 45 percent of readers are in the upper ranks of their industries: managers, VPs, CEOs, etc. The top content-demanding industries are tech, financial services, and higher education. The average post now reaches professionals in 21 industries and 9 countries!

  • Do you want to start publishing a professional blog on LinkedIn, but are not all sure where to start?
  • Would you like to learn how to drive more traffic to your own website by publishing on LinkedIn?
  • Are you ready to become a master at publishing your content on LinkedIn?
  •  Would you like to leverage LinkedIn to build a great reputation – and drive new business relationships?

If you said “yes” to at least one of these questions, then you are probably wondering:

  • What should I write about?
  • What should I avoid writing about?
  • What are some tips for producing great content?
  • What exactly is an “authentic voice?”
  • What are the rights and responsibilities for posts I write?
  • What’s an editorial calendar and do I need one?
  • How do I find images for my posts?
  • Can I include a video within my post and how do I do that?
  • How do I ensure I’m getting the max number of eyeballs on my posts I can?
  • Do I have to start tweeting now?
Get your blog posts featured on LinkedIn Pulse

Boy, you do have a lot of questions, but the good news is I can help you get answers to all these questions and more!

How I did it:

My 10 Fave Quotes About Networking 69K

So, to get YOU started, I’m offering a complete Mastering Publishing on LinkedIn 2-part program. Prepay $699 to get started and then you’ll receive a link to collect some discovery info and schedule part one of your program.

Stop leaving money on the table and let’s get you more leads, buzz, and connections through publishing on LinkedIn! Don’t have a PayPal account? Pay as a guest now, sign up for PayPal whenever or never.

Sandy's post featured on the Career Channel

Book a “Mastering Publishing on LinkedIn” Session

“I hired Sandy to assess my LinkedIn profile and to provide recommendations for improving it and my Happy Client: Lindsay PedersonLinkedIn/social media activity as a marketing lever. She delivered in spades. In just a few hours, she showed me how to make the most of my LinkedIn profile, from modifying the tone and content of my profile, to optimizing my settings to gain the right eyeballs strategically. She was honest, creative, candid, smart and an unusual expert in this area. I would hire Sandy again and again.

– Lindsay Pederson, Corporate Brand Positioning Expert/Marketing Strategy Consultant, Ironclad Brand Strategy

Learn how over 1MM publishers are driving new business each day on LinkedIn!

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Maximizing LinkedIn groups:

LinkedIn Groups Participation 4x

A special 2-hour program on Groups* which will show you how to grow your network, increase your brand’s visibility and generate leads and opportunities by getting serious about Groups on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn’s exposure potential is truly remarkable. The platform presents multiple opportunities to connect with your prospects, build trust, and promote your brand. As you grow your network with more prospects and add value by posting in relevant groups, you’ll start to see the powerful effects.

I have loads of experience managing my own private group and have helped many others determine how to manage and/or create groups for their business or professional interests (Fans of WordPress, Golf Pros in Atlanta, etc.).

Get started training on LinkedIn groups for $595 and start maximizing your group memberships on LinkedIn today! (This learning session can be bundled with the Premium Plus Mastering LinkedIn package.) Don’t have a PayPal account? Pay as a guest now, sign up for PayPal whenever or never!

Book your “Maximizing Groups” Session

*Just a some of what we’d cover in your Groups session:

-Managing the settings of the groups in which you’re a member (to display or not to display, that is the question!)

-Clarifying goals for the group going forward

-Determining group name and logo/images to us

-Composing group communications for description, welcome, rules, etc.

-Determining whether your group should be a private or public group

-Managing Settings

-Handling invitations at launch and after

-Deciding on a profile of an ideal group member

-Managing Discussions and postings

-And more!

Maria Ross of Red Slice“Sandy has helped me with both my basic LinkedIn profile as well as how to use LinkedIn groups more effectively for my marketing plans and networking opportunities. She knows the in’s and outs of L-I so well and showed me lots of little things I never even knew I could do! Our time together was efficient, fun and so useful. I highly recommend her if you want to make more out of your LinkedIn connections for leads, referrals or just general brand awareness.”

– Maria Ross, Red Slice

LinkedIn offers many other ways to promote your business, yourself, and your ideas to the audience you want to target. Groups are not the right forum to do this. Groups are all about building relationships through conversation about topics and ideas with a two-way dialogue.

Not sure if managing a group or participating in group discussions is right for you? Consider these options to promote your business or ideas instead:

  • Create a Company Page. If you offer professional services and want to promote your business, consider creating a Company Page for your business.
  • Publish your ideas to reach a wider audience. The LinkedIn publishing platform offers a great opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge in a certain area to a broad audience with the purpose of promoting ideas, as opposed to promoting commercial services. Your long-form posts are tied to your LinkedIn identity and provide an effective way to stand out from the crowd while building your professional reputation. Click the Mastering Publishing link above for more on this.

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Social Selling Essentials for LinkedIn:

Social Selling Essentials: How to Drive New Business on LinkedIn SandyJK's LinkedIn recos for LinkedIn trainings

Digital disruption has forever changed the sales and marketing landscape. Instead of waiting to be told about a company’s products and services, buyers are turning to social media to research vendors and make buying decisions.

In this new environment, it’s more crucial than ever for sales and marketing to align and create a united social media strategy to reach prospective customers. Organizations that have embraced social selling are able to influence buyers throughout their buying journey, provide them more value and ultimately drive sales success.

Social selling has also grown as today’s generation of sales professionals have learned to leverage their online networks. They have used these networks to share knowledge, promote their offerings and reach decision-makers who are becoming increasingly difficult to find through traditional cold calling techniques. This proactive and strategic approach is key if your company wants to leverage the LinkedIn platform.

In this workshop you’ll learn:

  • How sales, marketing, and customers benefit when a company adopts a social selling approach
  • Ways marketing and sales can align their social selling efforts to connect with more people, boost brand recognition and drive sales
  • How your business can leverage social selling to generate better leads and close more deals

LinkedIn Live speaker, and former corporate business development pro, Sandy Jones-Kaminski will share how she and many others have tapped into the vast LinkedIn network to discover high-quality prospects, raise their visibility, create engagement and generate warm introductions through proven social selling tactics and their digital connections, all while creating strong relationships and opportunities that drive new business.

Please contact Sandy for additional information about a customized program for your business or to book her as a speaker for your upcoming summit, conference or event. Solopreneur? You can get this social selling training around in a one-on-one session my booking a 2-hr session via this link.

Kristen Crawford, ProKarma“Sandy was invited to ProKarma’s Annual Global Summit as a guest speaker. She provided valuable insight into the trends in social selling and focused on maximizing how to best set-up and use LinkedIn. She has an in-depth knowledge and was able to keep the audience engaged by keeping the presentation interactive. The entire group came away with valuable information and we are already seeing a nice benefit in a short period of time. I would recommend her to anyone looking to learn valuable LinkedIn techniques.”

– Kristen Crawford, VP Strategic Accounts, ProKarma

Shelley Tomberg, Columbia Hospitality“Sandy provided our Columbia Hospitality sales directors with training in LinkedIn. She was extremely helpful in explaining and demonstrating various ways LinkedIn can help our sales team find appropriate business connections. She also provided the training with an uplifting tone that kept everyone engaged and excited about learning.”

– Shelley Tomberg, Columbia Hospitality

Leslie Thompson, Teknion“Sandy is a trainer “extraordinaire” and engaging speaker who makes marketing seem effortless on the digital platform. She an invaluable resource for those of us who are still learning to navigate the social media or are just too darn busy to learn the time saving tricks/tips. Utilizing her strategic marketing expertise, she leverages her LinkedIn knowledge to craft the right messages for her clients’ audiences about people, experience and products/services. Our team invested in a coaching session and all benefited from her knowledge. Thank you, Sandy!”

– Leslie Thompson, Architecture & Design Manager, formerly with Teknion

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We stand behind our services!You’re going to love working with me. But if you don’t, or find our work together is not what you needed, I absolutely, positively want to know. Simply email me at sandy (at) belladomain.com within 48 hours of your purchase or session and I’ll give you a complete refund.


Another Happy Client:

Happy BDM client, Mary Hiland“I had a truly productive coaching session with Sandy! She is clearly a LinkedIn expert and shared that expertise in ways that will really help my business. I look forward to continuing my work with her. I could tell she cares about my success and she took the time to get to know my needs. Personable and knowledgeable! An amazing value!” – Mary Hiland, Hiland & Associates

Contact me to schedule yours today!

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