With 17+ years leveraging marketing to make a difference for businesses, building relationships and connecting people with opportunity are at my core. I rely heavily on online and offline networks to facilitate each and would luv to share what I know with you and/or your team!

So, if your goals include the following:

  • driving sales and leads (of any type),
  • boosting brand awareness / maximizing visibility,
  • connecting with an elusive prospect,
  • establishing or maintaining a thought leadership platform and
  • increasing site traffic or improving search results, then

you have come to the right place!

Please review this page, choose an area(s) that feels right to you, and then contact me so we can get started. 
Sandy Jones-Kaminski, CCO of Bella Domain Media

Want to really master LinkedIn? Saying I’m passionate about LinkedIn® as a marketing, social selling, personal branding, and business development tool is a bit of an understatement. Over the years, I’ve generated loads of opportunities for my connections, clients and myself – all through LinkedIn.

By coaching executives and small biz owners 1-on-1, and delivering “Leveraging LinkedIn” workshops for 10+ years now, I’m confident that I am the right person to show you how to master all that LinkedIn has to offer. You’ll have fun learning how to establish thought leadership, gain a competitive advantage and effectively leverage LinkedIn for your personal brand or small business. Learn more…

To excel and to know how to show it is to excel twice. – Baltasar Gracian

Need an engaging speaker? I’ve spoken to thousands of individuals and am available to speak to your group about effective networking or mentoring, maximizing what you accomplish at conferences and events, leveraging LinkedIn, social selling, professional “personal branding,” and more (click here). I love speaking to businesses, industry associations, and universities and at global or local conferences. After a personal consultation with you, I will customize my talk to meet your specific needs and unique audience. Learn more….

Want to jump start your job search? My Job Search Jump-Starter program starts with a phone-based discovery session so I can learn all about your ideal job, gig or client. Then, I’ll go off and do an audit of your current digital footprint as it relates to LinkedIn, a Google search, and your key social profiles. After that, we’ll schedule coaching sessions to a) zero in on and define your personal brand, b) polish your LinkedIn profile and boost your skills on the platform, and then c) fine-tune how you approach and leverage your network. Learn more…

Teresa G., Seattle “Sandy is simply a networking rock star. She has a gift to help each person on their hunt on an individual level and does not do a one size fits all approach whatsoever. She not only gave me terrific advice (which I used) but helped me chose the right job and even followed through after to make sure I was happy. There are few people out there like Sandy. If you are searching for a job or looking to make a change, she will help you get to the right job for you.” – Teresa G.

Could your small to mid-sized biz use some boosting? If it’s time to revamp your current revenue generation strategy or develop an entirely new one, I can definitely help! I’m sure you will want some actionable advice and fresh ideas during this process, so why not get a social selling/marketing and business networking expert involved? We will work together to identify what you need to add, keep or toss when it comes to an effective overall growth strategy that will offer you a consistent pipeline of new prospects to grow your business. Learn more…

Got a book in you? If you’re ready to put your intellectual capital into print (digital or otherwise) or if you want to maximize the launch of your already edited book – whether you’re working with a publisher or self-publishing – then it’s time to build your author platform and I can help! Learn more…

Need to pick my brain? Do you ever have an idea or conundrum that you wish you could just bounce off someone else? Or, sometimes, there’s a challenge or business option you need to talk through a bit because, like me, you’re one of those people that need to talk to think? I’ve always thought it would be nice to occasionally be able to pay an expert or “thought leader,” for just a bit of their time to help brainstorm what’s on my mind or a sweet-sounding opportunity I’ve recently come across. Well, now you can and the expert is yours truly! Learn more….

Steve_hunt“I vouch for Sandy‘s capabilities and expertise. I moved to a new industry in 2014, and Sandy’s expertise and guidance proved invaluable for quickly broadening my network. And working with Sandy is enjoyable. She’s funny, nice, and genuine, and she doesn’t pull her punches.” – Steven Hunt, Nonprofit organization management

Want to outsource your Content Marketing and Curation? Content marketing is the creation and publication of original content — including blog posts, case studies, press releases, white papers, polls, checklists, videos, and photos — for the purpose of generating leads, enhancing a brand’s visibility, and putting your own or your company’s subject matter expertise on display.  If your goals include any of these (and whose doesn’t?!), a content marketing strategy/campaign can play a significant role in your success. Learn more…

Want an on-call Marketing Maven? Would you like to have a small business marketing pro available whenever you need one? Well, I just might be your marketing gal Friday! And unlike a legal retainer—which is basically a savings account you draw against—my value-based retainer allows you to access to my advice, skills, and experience in return for an affordable fixed monthly fee (minimum of 3 months and other terms apply) making me a virtual extension of your team. Contact me directly to discuss your situation today!

We stand behind our services!My clients will tell you that you’re going to love working with me. But if you don’t, or find our work together is not what you needed, I absolutely, positively want to know. Simply email me at sandy (at) belladomain.com within 48 hours of your purchase or session and I’ll give you a complete refund. For real.

Want some FREE stuff?  Sharing is caring. That is why the Making Connections Matter newsletter is chock full of practical advice, new tips, and insights on networking best practices, social networking tools, LinkedIn tactics/hacks, and even upcoming or exclusive events. It’s typically sent monthly, but if things are hopping, or I have a special offer or a new book, you just might see it twice that month.  Easy-peasy sign up here. (Get a free gift when you do!)

You can get Sandy's book on Amazon!Ready to up your networking game? It’s true! I’m at a Networking Event–Now What??? was ranked #1 on the Inc.com 2010 Holiday Gift Guide: My Business Book Wish List soon after it was published. This handy primer illustrates that today’s social networking environments practically demand you have at least some knowledge of effective networking practices in order to achieve the kind of results most of us need. Through this book, chock full of practical advice, you will learn what not to do at networking events, as well as how to make quality connections (the kind that matter), develop genuine relationships, expand your circle of influence through networking events, and create good “social capital.”  Learn more…

Have a need not listed above? Not to worry, just contact me and we’ll set up a time to talk.

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