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Event: February is a great time for a Pay It Forward Party!

Posted by on Jan 22, 2014 in networking, pay it forward, pif party | 0 comments

February is one of my favorite months to host a Pay It Forward Party because, typically, and probably thanks to Valentine’s Day, most of us seem even more inclined than usual to open our hearts and show some support and a little luv to the awesome people that make up our networking community. Get the details for my Wed, Feb 12th PIF Party over on Eventbrite and I hope to see you there! P.S. Feel free to bring a friend, or two, or three…the more the merrier! Just click the button below to share the invite.   (This is a SF Bay Area – East Bay...

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October is a great month to have a Pay It Forward Party!

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It’s time for a October Pay It Forward Party in the East Bay! Join us on Wed, Oct 23, 2013 in Emeryville, CA. Click here to register for the upcoming PIF Party via Eventbrite today! *What’s a PIF Party you ask? Have you ever been frustrated with the outcomes of or behaviors at some of the networking events you attend? Or maybe you’ve witnessed behaviors like the old “I’m talking to you, but try not to notice my eyes scanning every other person’s nametag that walks by please,” to the “So, Debbie, what’s Stillheart?” and then their eyes glazing over because...

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Upcoming Events Summer 2013

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I was told it was time to create an Events calendar on my website and this is the month! I know, finally. I thought I’d send out this post first, as a preview. The new calendar appears on the bottom footer of the Home page and in the right navigation on the other pages of You can also sign up for my newsletter to be notified via email as well. JUNE: I’ll be at WeWork on June 20th and am speaking on behalf of the SFPCN’s new professional development series. This event will be both a learning and networking event, so you can apply some of what you learn...

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My 5 most popular posts of 2012

Posted by on Dec 24, 2012 in Ask SandyJK, networking, strategy | 0 comments

As a holiday treat, I thought I’d curate and share some of the most popular posts on my blog. I hope you enjoy and Happy Holidays! 4 Obscure LinkedIn Tips and Tricks For LinkedIn Experts Are you on the National No Brain Picking list? Oh, by the way, give me some referrals even though I’ve done nothing to deserve them How To Go It Solo at a Networking Event 5 Reasons to View Networking as Community Service Please comment below with which of these was the most relevant to you or your favorite. Thank...

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The holiday networking season is here! Practical advice and tips on making the most of it this year.

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As a follow-up to the free Aug conference call I co-hosted with the brilliant author of Branding Basics for Small Business, Maria Ross of Red Slice, I’m offering some FREE tips on my other favorite subject (besides LinkedIn): NETWORKING. So, before you head off on your Turkey Day weekend, or into Dec, be sure to TAKE 15 MIN TO LISTEN to some practical advice and expert tips on making the most of the many opportunities to connect during the holiday networking season. I promise, you’ll gain a little more confidence and a lot more spring in your step! And remember: Networking is a...

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