Mastering LinkedIn

“The two hours I spent with Sandy discussing my objectives and reviewing my LinkedIn profile were the best, most cost-effective two hours I’ve spent in a long time! Not only is Sandy an expert at virtually every aspect of LinkedIn, but also she makes the entire process fun and enjoyable. What’s more, since I’ve made the changes Sandy suggested, I have seen an increase in both the quality and quantity of my business leads. That’s ROI defined.”

– Emily Cohen, Cohen Communications

• Are you or your team “on LinkedIn®,” but still not 100% sure if you’re (or they’re) truly leveraging it to create opportunities or grow your network?
• Are you ready to start a professional blog on LinkedIn but aren’t quite sure where to start?
• Would you like to boost your professional brand on LinkedIn so your profile is attracting the business, career opportunities, strategic partners and people that you are targeting?
• Would you like to learn how to have more control of your LinkedIn info and which settings will help you do so?
• Are you getting value out of your participation in Groups on LinkedIn or are perhaps thinking of creating a group of your own?
• Would like to start publishing your original blog post on LinkedIn?
• Do you know how to maximize LinkedIn’s search capabilities to find the information you need within this powerful tool?

  • Leveraging LinkedIn training programs for individuals and groups by Sandy Jones-Kaminski

I’ve been a member and fan of LinkedIn since early 2004 and was recently hand-picked by LinkedIn to present my tips to 150+ biz owners at a LinkedIn Live event in Silicon Valley. I’ve also attended multiple in-depth training sessions delivered by LinkedIn’s own executives, coached loads of professionals 1-on-1, and have delivered numerous “Leveraging LinkedIn” workshops. So, I’m confident that I’m the best person to show you how to master all of the above so you too can gain competitive advantage and effectively leverage LinkedIn to be seen, found and connected. You can even engage me if you need help articulating your brand and gearing it toward future goals versus previous responsibilities. I can also help you conduct a LinkedIn audit to ensure you’re presenting a clear and cohesive message.

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