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Presenting “Leveraging LinkedIn” at LinkedIn Live in Silicon Valley, Nov ’14

Emily Cohen, writer and lots more“The two hours I spent with Sandy discussing my objectives and reviewing my LinkedIn profile were the best, most cost-effective two hours I’ve spent in a long time! Not only is Sandy an expert at virtually every aspect of LinkedIn, but also she makes the entire process fun and enjoyable. What’s more, since I’ve made the changes Sandy suggested, I have seen an increase in both the quality and quantity of my business leads. That’s ROI defined.” Emily Cohen, Cohen Communications

Leveraging LinkedIn training programs for individuals and groups by Sandy Jones-KaminskiAre you or your team “on LinkedIn®,” but still not 100% sure if you’re truly maximizing it to generate opportunities, create buzz or grow your network? I can teach you a non-passive approach to using LinkedIn as the powerful social resource it was intended to be in my Mastering LinkedIn programs.

If you’re interested in LinkedIn marketing strategies to reach over 450M professionals and:

  •     Build your brand.
  •     Increase engagement with prospects.
  •     Drive more leads for your business and 4x the traffic to your site…

…check out the 6 main LinkedIn learning programs I offer.

Visibility Creates Opportunities

In recent years, LinkedIn has become a more than a professional social network; it has become THE hub of professional networking. In fact, if you want to boost your brand’s visibility and drive leads, I believe it’s the best place to invest your time online.

LinkedIn drives 4x the traffic to you siteIn order for LinkedIn to work for you, you must engage the platform and its members on a consistent, ongoing and non-passive basis. Developing a profile and allowing it to stagnate will not cultivate relationships or lead to business opportunities. Check out how I can help you create a less-than-10-minute-a-day LinkedIn habit that will meet this need in less than an hour a week! I can also help you articulate your brand and gear it toward future goals ensuring you’re presenting a clear and cohesive message on LinkedIn. Let me help you transform your LinkedIn profile to get the results you want. Contact me directly to discuss how I can positively impact your organization or support your professional goals.

To excel and to know how to show it is to excel twice. – Baltasar Gracian

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Maggie Lesslie - integrated marketing consultant“I asked Sandy to help me out with some strategic Linkedin advice that I needed to give me some confidence with a client, as LI isn’t my usual platform. Sandy was amazing! We had the best 2 hour video training session. She had stacks of ideas and suggestions for tweaking Linkedin profiles, groups and all sorts of tactical things to do to reach out to people and start conversations. I highly recommend Sandy to anyone wanting to optimize their LI profile!” – Maggie Leslie,  Integrated Marketing pro, small biz owner

Maria Ross of Red Slice“Sandy is a networking maven and LinkedIn ninja. She combines her expertise in how to network online or offline with her vast knowledge of how to use LinkedIn to generate leads, find connections, and get found by the folks who matter most. She has all kinds of social selling and networking tips and tricks that will change your business.” – Maria Ross, Red Slice LLC