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LinkedIn Recommendations: Not All Are Created Equally

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If you’ve followed any of my blog posts here or on LinkedIn, or read my book, then you know that I highly recommend requesting and giving recommendations on LinkedIn, so I’m not going to get on my soapbox about that in this post. Today, I’m going to cover what to do with them once you start collecting them.

Not all LinkedIn recommendations are created equally 

It’s true. Not all LinkedIn recommendations are created equally, which is why it’s so important to maximize the limited space available for showcasing them on your LinkedIn profile. And, honestly, if you’re not making the most of this very limited amount of “real estate” available, you need to reconsider why you’re bothering to collect them in the first place.

As most of us know, you’re able to request and then post (or not) any recommendation someone writes for you on LinkedIn. And there are also ways you can control where the recommendations you write for others show up on your profile as well, but that is a post for a different day or maybe a future Making Connections Matter eLearning webcast.

Some recommendations carry more weight than others

Currently, the most recent recommendations you receive for a specific position appear in the first and second positions on your profile at the very end of that position’s description. See below:

Top 2 are the most seen recommendations

Sometimes, though, you receive a new recommendation that just doesn’t pack as much punch as the previous 2 you had displayed. Perhaps it’s too generic or didn’t emphasis the things you had hoped they would and don’t know the person well enough to ask them to spruce it up. Well, reordering is the answer!

The 2 ways I know of to reorder your recommendations

The 1st way you can reorder your recommendations is:

Under Profile in the top navigation bar click on the Edit Profile option. Then scroll all the way to the bottom of the of your profile — usually below your Organizations and Honors & Awards, but before you see the bottom navigation for the page (Help Center, About, etc). On the left side of your profile, you will see a series of black/gray title blocks, one of which will say Recommendations. Then look immediately to the right of Recommendations and you will see a pencil. Click the pencil to enter edit mode for Recommendations. Once you’re in edit mode on Recommendations, you will see all your Recommendations listed by your career position. On the right side of each recommendation will be a double-sided arrow. Simply click and drag this up/down arrow to reorder your recommendations.

This will allow you to ensure your two preferred recommendations appear on your profile page when others view it.  See arrows below.

Reorder your LinkedIn recommendations to showcase your best


And the 2nd way:

If you want to reorder and/or move a recommendation to a different career position, there is another way to manage almost everything else related to your recommendations on LinkedIn. Get into Privacy & Settings via the drop-down menu under your very upper-right avatar image and then look for “Manage your recommendations” and follow the instructions below. You’ll want to poke around and see what else you can do once you see what’s possible.

Learn how to manage your LinkedIn recommendations like a pro!

Sandy used to work at TriNet, a BPO based in San Leandro, CA.

Have fun with this new knowledge!

After writing this post, I’m absolutely certain I need to do an entire webcast on all the other things that popped into my mind that I should share about LinkedIn Recommendations.

So, be sure you register to get the invites to my Making Connections Matter eLearing series! Here’s the link again, just in case you have images turned off—->

And please feel free to send comments or questions via my Contact Us page (been having some spam issues with Comments lately). Thank you!

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Making Connections Matter: New Learning Series Just For YOU!

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Introducing a new (and zero-cost) business-boosting elearning series aimed at setting you up for a stellar 2015!

Register today for the Making Connections Matter webcasts!

Join me for this interactive web series that will help strengthen and build your network as well as grow your biz!

It’s officially fall and I don’t know anyone who isn’t interested in learning a few new tips or tricks for boosting their brand and growing their business between now and the end of the year. So, I invite you to invest in yourself and your business by getting ready for a fantastic 2015!

Last month, I kicked off a new series of free 45 min webcasts titled, Making Connections Matter. The schedule for these business-boosting learning sessions is below, so be sure to register early because there are only 25 spots available for each of these interactive web-based sessions which will include time for a Q&A portion at the end.

  • 10 Things You Can and Should Do on LinkedIn Each Week  Wed, Sept 24th noon (PDT)
  • The Bare Minimum: 7 Social Media Basics for Small Business Thu, Oct 23rd noon (PDT)
  • Surviving the Holiday Mixer: Practical Networking Tips for Enjoying the Social Season, with Special Guest, Branding Guru Maria Ross of Red Slice  Wed, Nov 12 noon (PST) 
  • 7 Tips for Deepening Your Connections to Your Network for a Prosperous 2015  Wed, Dec 3 noon (PST)
Oh, and yes, phone listening will be available for those that can’t get to a computer. And, no, there will not be any hard selling — just a brief mention of an offer you might want to take advantage, that’s all. Yay!

I hope you’ll join me for one or more of these sure-to-be FUN sessions and please feel free to reach out directly with any questions.

All the best,

P.S. Don’t forget — to grab your spot just complete the form below and you’ll receive an invite to join me for the first NEXT Making Connections Matter session on Wed, Sept 24th Nov 12, 2014!

Register here to get invites to my new series of Making Connections Matter webcasts!

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Sorry, You Can’t Pick my Brain, But You Can Now Rent It

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As a solopreneur, I occasionally have an idea or conundrum that I wish I could just bounce off someone else. Or, sometimes, there’s a challenge or business option I need to talk through a bit because I’m one of those people that needs to talk to think, as opposed to think so I can talk. I’m betting many of you can relate.

In both situations, I’ve often thought how nice it would be to be able to pay an expert or “thought leader,” for 20-30 minutes of their time to help me brainstorm what’s on my mind or a sweet-sounding opportunity I’ve recently come across. And wouldn’t it be great if there was no obligation to officially engage or hire her/him for a minimum amount of time or term length? Yes, it would.

Finally getting some clarity

This is where getting Clarity comes in! Turns out it’s a perfect service for my own needs and I wanted to share it with you for yours. The idea’s simple: once you’re on the home page, just search by subject matter for an expert to help you and then request a call with them for however long you need/can afford (up to 1 hour). Here’s a sneak peek at how you can rent someone’s brain via Clarity:

AskSandyJK: now you can rent her brain via

Click image to rent Sandy’s brain today, tomorrow or whenever.

And, yes, starting February 1, 2014, I’m now offering YOU this on-the-fly support as well because I’ve officially been accepted as an “expert” on Clarity. This awesome “on demand business advice” service exists for anyone (with a credit card) to utilize.

I hope you give Clarity a try and if you’re a friend/fan, maybe you’ll consider logging in via LinkedIn and/or Facebook and find/fave my profile to help me get a gold star by my name as shown below (look for the red arrow):

Rent Sandy's brain or mark her as a fav w/a star today!

Click image to see my Clarity profile and check out the site.

I love it when a plan comes together

Finding this service was kismet, because over 10 years ago a former colleague had given her notice to our mutual employer and a few days before she left she said, “What am I going to do without having you available to bounce things off of?! I wish I could just rent your brain and pay with a credit card to get your advice on demand.” So, as soon as I learned about it, I knew I had to get on board the Clarity train because this idea’s time had finally come.

BTW, Clarity even offers a handy little guide for making the most of your time and money when utilizing the service. If you give it a try, please come back and share your experience in the Comments section.

If you’re not getting my free newsletter yet, click to sign up today!

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Video: How to Network Like a Pro (G+ Hangout 1/17/13)

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In case you missed last week’s (30 min) Networking Like a Pro G+ Hangout sponsored by PayScale, you can now check it out at your convenience here on the BDM Blog.

Hope this provides some inspiration and gives you a few new approaches you can take to further develop your networking skills. Do you have any experience practicing your small talk with strangers (1 of my tips)? Please tell us all about it via Comments.

Networking Like a Pro G+ Hangout sponsored by PayScale (Jan ’13)

And, if you want to share this advice with others, here is the link:
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FREE DIY LinkedIn Profile Audit Tool

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Since I’m focused on helping people strategize the best ways to maximize LinkedIn for their unique set of goals, I wanted to offer my LinkedIn Profile Audit Checklist tool (2014 2015 version!) for FREE.

Download it by clicking HERE or the image below.

Why not set aside about 30-45 minutes this week to tackle my do-it-yourself audit and see if you don’t attract some new eyeballs, get a few leads or (re)connect with some new people on LinkedIn? And if you think you’re ready to become a LinkedIn Master, just contact me and we’ll take your use of LinkedIn to the expert level!

SandyJK's Updated LinkedIn_Profile_Audit_tool 2014

Click image to download!


It’s true! I offer a personalized 2 hr LinkedIn session for job seekers, career climbers or business owners looking to elevate their use of LinkedIn for career management or business growth. This is a deep dive into your LinkedIn profile and exploration of the many ways you can boost your brand, generate leads and grow your network via a new, polished presence on LinkedIn. If you’re ready to get started, please pay in advance and submit your session PAYMENT INFO HERE and then I’ll be in touch within 24 hrs to schedule it. This training is offered in a mutually convenient location to those in the SF Bay Area or as a phone or Skype/Google+ hangout session at $349.


“SanAlok Kapur, Mobile & Emerging Media Senior Business Leaderdy is a career coach, motivator and guide par excellence. She has personally counseled and helped me think through my career objectives in light of my current experiences as well as future aspirations. I would recommend her to anyone looking to better message their current work experience, articulate their career objectives to potential employers or simply structure their resume. She is a LinkedIn savant and can also help anyone make better use of this excellent tool!”

Alok Kapur, Mobile & Emerging Media Senior Business Executive, Microsoft

April 2013

Magazine and Corporate Communications Writer, Laura Hilgers“I hired Sandy to help beef up my LinkedIn profile, and was very pleased with her services. She thoroughly explained how to raise my profile, walking me through every step, and I came away feeling significantly more informed and confident about making the most of this networking tool. She’s a great asset for any small business owner.”

Laura H, Magazine and Corporate Communications Writer

March 2013

Emily Cohen, writer and lots more“The two hours I spent with Sandy discussing my objectives and reviewing my LinkedIn profile were the best, most cost-effective two hours I’ve spent in a long time! Not only is Sandy an expert at virtually every aspect of LinkedIn, but also she makes the entire process fun and enjoyable. What’s more, since I’ve made the changes Sandy suggested, I have seen an increase in both the quality and quantity of my business leads. That’s ROI defined.”

Emily C, Communications pro, small biz owner

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Upcoming Make It Happen G+ Hangout: Learn How to Network Like a Pro

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On Thursday, January 17, 2013 at 10:30 A.M. PST, I’ll be participating in a Make It Happen Google+ Hangout where I’ll share my practical advice and tips on how to: Network Like a Pro.

Join Sandy Jones-Kaminski for Networking Like a Pro






To learn more about Make It Happen click here. And, yes, you’re definitely going to hear me mention the “L” word, as in LinkedIn.

I hope you can join us for our chat next Thursday, 1/17/13 and please share this with friends or clients that could use some help polishing their networking skills this year. Thanks!

Here’s the link to the RSVP page should you wish to share it:

And here’s the link if you missed it live.

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