What’s the big whoop about the latest announcement re: the changes in Twitter’s policy of sharing tweets on LinkedIn?

The official word from LinkedIn is below, and my take on this is that it’s a welcome user-experience change, and basically a very good thing. Why? I always cringed when I saw a tweet show up in my LinkedIn updates stream from a former co-worker or new contact that clearly was meant for the less professional subset of their network. Frankly, I always found those type of tweets a distraction (i.e., noise) which would cause me to then tune them out. You know, things like, “HELLS YA! Germany you just got spanked by my Italian paisanos!!!” (This was about soccer, btw.)

Granted, it will be even better once LinkedIn offers the ability to schedule status updates (just MY prediction), which will probably be free at first, and then they’ll charge for them (i.e., maybe 10 each month for $25/qtr or you’ll have to upgrade for get the feature). I, for one, do hope they decide to make some form of a scheduling feature available soon.

BTW, I used to advise all my clients not to link their Twitter stream with LinkedIn anyway, and explained that if they wanted a professionally relevant tweet to show up in their LinkedIn status update, all they had to do was tag it using the hashtags “#in” or “#linkedin” and it would appear on LinkedIn, but sadly, this appears to now be dead as well.

Hi Sandy,

LinkedIn and Twitter have worked together since 2009 to enable you to share your professional conversations on both platforms. Twitter recently evolved its strategy and this will result in a change to the way Tweets appear in third-party applications. Starting today Tweets will no longer be displayed on LinkedIn.

We know that sharing updates from LinkedIn to Twitter is a valuable service for our members. Moving forward, you will still be able to share updates with your Twitter audience by posting them on LinkedIn.

How can I continue to share updates on both LinkedIn and Twitter? Simply start your conversation on LinkedIn. Compose your update, check the box with the Twitter icon, and click “Share.” This will automatically push your update to both your LinkedIn connections and your Twitter followers just as before.

What changes can I expect to see on LinkedIn? Any conversation you start on Twitter will no longer be automatically shared with your LinkedIn network, even if you synced your LinkedIn and Twitter accounts.

If you would like more information about what this means for your synced LinkedIn and Twitter accounts, please visit our related Help Center topics.

To be fair, here’s a link to the official Twitter post about this.

UPDATE: I’m still predicting LinkedIn will soon offer scheduled updates (for free or w/updgrade), but until we see if I’m correct or not, here’s a workaround I found and tweeted soon after the above was posted: http://www.businessinsider.com/how-to-tweet-to-linkedin-2012-6

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Twitter is no longer speaking to LinkedIn, but LinkedIn is still speaking to Twitter
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