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Leveraging the useless

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How often do you find yourself on the receiving end of someone try to convince you that you could leverage the useless thing/service/contact or whatever they’re trying to “offer” you?  If I had a dollar for every time this happens to me, my 401(k) would undoubtedly be back where it used to be. I simply do not understand why people just don’t ask you what it is you need help with…..?  Do they think that maybe you don’t actually know? Do they really think they know more than you do about what it is you really need? Are they afraid that they won’t be...

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Believer to evangelist

Posted by on May 5, 2009 in networking | 0 comments

As I shared recently, LinkedIn is exploring a way for you to distribute white papers within their system.  And, after close to 450 downloads of my “12 Rules of Networking for 2009″ and “12 Rules of Networking for HR Pros” white papers, I’ve become a huge believer in the power of the white paper. Now, if just one of those downloads turned into a paying gig, I’d become an evangelist. What are your tips for converting “fans” into paying clients? Please share them...

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Are you involved?

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One of the rules in my 12 Rules of Networking for 2009 white paper is: Rule #10 – Get Involved in something. Are you involved in something that matters to you professionally or are you just planning to “get involved” when you’re more-or-less forced to as a result of an unexpected job loss, relo to a new area or maybe a bad new boss? Sadly, too many folks join industry associations or things like Rotary AFTER they really need to, and then they’re disappointed that they’re not instantly “connecting” with people that could potentially help them....

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Speaking of white papers

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Just read an Online Media Daily Q&A with Steve Patrizi, the head of ad sales for LinkedIn. Some background here…I met Steve after his keynote presentation at the BMA event I attended in Chicago last November and was so impressed I invited him to come to Seattle to speak at the upcoming MarketSmart conference here on May 15, 2009.  It turned out Steve was booked, but we’re very lucky to have Torrey Lincoln presenting in his stead. Now, back to the Q&A…it appears Steve and his super smart cohorts are working on something I’d definitely recommend watching for...

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Protected: April White Paper

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If you click on the link below you’ll be able to download Bella Domain’s April white paper titled, “12 Rules of Networking for 2009.”  (Note: this is NOT the HR Pros version, see March White Paper post for that one.) Please feel free to download a sample chapter from my recent book, I’m at a Networking Event–Now What???) Click on this:BellaDomainNetRules2009 Click on...

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