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Upcoming Make It Happen G+ Hangout: Learn How to Network Like a Pro

Posted by on Jan 11, 2013 in Ask SandyJK, networking | 0 comments

On Thursday, January 17, 2013 at 10:30 A.M. PST, I’ll be participating in a Make It Happen Google+ Hangout where I’ll share my practical advice and tips on how to: Network Like a Pro.           To learn more about Make It Happen click here. And, yes, you’re definitely going to hear me mention the “L” word, as in LinkedIn. I hope you can join us for our chat next Thursday, 1/17/13 and please share this with friends or clients that could use some help polishing their networking skills this year. Thanks! Here’s the link to the RSVP...

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My First Cyber Monday Offer: Special Discount on all 1:1 or group trainings!

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My First Cyber Monday Offer! This year, take advantage of a 20% discount on all one-on-one and group LinkedIn for Career or Business trainings. Here’s how to get your 20% discount: All you need to do is complete my Contact form on Monday, Nov 26, 2012 with which training you’re interested in (some examples below) and you’ll save 20% off any of the 1-on-1 or group trainings I offer. It’s that easy! Don’t put off getting some expert help on how to maximize your presence on (and use of) LinkedIn so you’re ready for an ah-mazing 2013! Personalized LinkedIn...

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What you can do in only 18 months

Posted by on Jun 9, 2012 in Dear Sandy, networking, strategy | 0 comments

I can’t believe it was only 18 months ago that I stood in our kitchen in Seattle (we’d moved there from our hometown of Chicago) and asked my husband to give me 18 months to see what I could do with my book (I’m at a Networking Event–Now What???) and the handful of speaking and webinar opportunities that were starting to come my way. We were having this conversation because he had just accepted the offer we’d been waiting for from a company in the Bay Area willing to pay him what he’s really worth and cover our relocation as part of the offer package. A...

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Need to create new opportunities?

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I recently delivered Bella Domain’s first “Learning to Love LinkedIn” group training for five of the execs on the sales team at Columbia Hospitality in Seattle.  It really was a lot of fun (for them and me), and since this was the second time a business contact approached me about coming to their offices to teach their team how to learn to love LinkedIn, I took it as a sign that it is time to run with this training program. I’m now officially offering a two hour training session (see my Consulting Services page) to help others learn how they can leverage this valuable...

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