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Making Connections Matter: New Learning Series Just For YOU!

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Introducing a new (and zero-cost) business-boosting elearning series aimed at setting you up for a stellar 2015!

Register today for the Making Connections Matter webcasts!

Join me for this interactive web series that will help strengthen and build your network as well as grow your biz!

It’s officially fall and I don’t know anyone who isn’t interested in learning a few new tips or tricks for boosting their brand and growing their business between now and the end of the year. So, I invite you to invest in yourself and your business by getting ready for a fantastic 2015!

Last month, I kicked off a new series of free 45 min webcasts titled, Making Connections Matter. The schedule for these business-boosting learning sessions is below, so be sure to register early because there are only 25 spots available for each of these interactive web-based sessions which will include time for a Q&A portion at the end.

  • 10 Things You Can and Should Do on LinkedIn Each Week  Wed, Sept 24th noon (PDT)
  • The Bare Minimum: 7 Social Media Basics for Small Business Thu, Oct 23rd noon (PDT)
  • Surviving the Holiday Mixer: Practical Networking Tips for Enjoying the Social Season, with Special Guest, Branding Guru Maria Ross of Red Slice  Wed, Nov 12 noon (PST) 
  • 7 Tips for Deepening Your Connections to Your Network for a Prosperous 2015  Wed, Dec 3 noon (PST)
Oh, and yes, phone listening will be available for those that can’t get to a computer. And, no, there will not be any hard selling — just a brief mention of an offer you might want to take advantage, that’s all. Yay!

I hope you’ll join me for one or more of these sure-to-be FUN sessions and please feel free to reach out directly with any questions.

All the best,

P.S. Don’t forget — to grab your spot just complete the form below and you’ll receive an invite to join me for the first NEXT Making Connections Matter session on Wed, Sept 24th Nov 12, 2014!

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What IS the connection between social networks and being lonely?

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I’ve been a proponent of quality over quantity when it comes to my social circles for years now. And as Malcolm Gladwell highlighted in “The Tipping Point,” 150 has shown to be the magic number for most people when it comes to counting the number of quality connections one can have that truly matter.

In this same vein, I came across a very clever video from Shimi Cohen titled, “The Innovation of Loneliness” which just might get you to reframe what you likely think about social media, creating a real connection and being lonely. Brilliant piece!

The Innovation of Loneliness from Shimi Cohen on Vimeo.

And here’s one of my favorite replies to a comment Shimi received:

Shimi Cohen

Shimi Cohen PLUS 

….The Idea isn’t that we are more lonely because of social media. It’s that we feel more lonely because of social media. Being alone, which in the past was bearable for at list a while, today becomes unbearable at all even for a few minutes. whenever we sit alone, or finding ourselves waiting in line / red light or even before going to sleep, today we automatically reach to our phones to connect. So i’m not saying that being alone will make us less lonely, I’m just saying that we shouldn’t be afraid of being alone from time to time, as when we will, we will see that being alone won’t make us feel so lonely once we understand it.

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Upcoming Events Summer 2013

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I was told it was time to create an Events calendar on my website and this is the month! I know, finally.

I thought I’d send out this post first, as a preview. The new calendar appears on the bottom footer of the Home page and in the right navigation on the other pages of

You can also sign up for my newsletter to be notified via email as well.


SFPCN events are listed on Meetup

I’ll be at WeWork on June 20th and am speaking on behalf of the SFPCN’s new professional development series. This event will be both a learning and networking event, so you can apply some of what you learn  immediately after my presentation.

Sign up via Eventbrite today:

12 Rules of Effective Networking: Making Connections Matter
San Francisco Professional Career Network

Thursday, June 20, 2013 from 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM (PDT)SandyJK presenting at WeWork for SFPCN


Sandy Jones-Kaminski will be speaking at BlogHer 2013 in Chicago this July!

I’ll be in Chicago for two private and two public speaking engagements, including BlogHer and a learning event for Constant Contact. Details coming soon!

BTW, I’m always on the lookout for additional opportunities to inspire and motivate others via speaking opportunities for which I’m paid. I do make myself available for one promotional/free speaking gig per quarter too though, so please send any requests for speakers you may come across my way. Thank you!


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LinkedIn Usage: Researching, Reconnecting and Networking [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Like most things, it’s not surprising to learn that women utilize social media differently than men do, but what I like about this infographic is that it shares some interesting insights on how men use LinkedIn and the average amount of time people spend on each platform in any given month.

How do you use social media differently than this infographic indicates? Would you rate your LinkedIn usage in the same order as above?

Please Include Attribution to With This Graphic
Social Gender Infographic


If you’d like to learn why you might want to spend a bit more time on LinkedIn each month,  read this post and/or please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions!

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The New LinkedIn Profile: Why Your Summary Matters More Than Ever

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With the recent changes to the LinkedIn profile causing a seismic shift in the social networking universe (kidding! totally exaggerating), I thought I’d take a minute to comment on one of the things that has now taken center stage as a result of the change; your LinkedIn profile Summary.

An opportunity to share your POV

I’ll start by sharing what a first-person narrative is and why it matters.

The Summary section on your profile is one of the few places where you get to share your point of view (POV), which means you are the narrator and can give this section your “voice.” It’s not a cover letter or bio written by your corporate communications department, a copywriter or maybe a LinkedIn profile makeover consultant. This is your opportunity to speak normally and give people a sense of who you are and what makes you tick.

Pretend you’re in an elevator (or having coffee) with a FOAF (friend of a friend)

I think it’s safe to say that you can even consider the Summary section a place to share an online version of your elevator pitch, which is supposed to be a quick, succinct summation of what your business is and who you are in relation to it. I know that’s a simplified version of one, but let’s just go with this. Approach writing the summary as if you’re speaking to a friend of a friend so you don’t sound as stiff as you might with a complete stranger or prospect in an elevator. (This is what I tried to do in mine below, but it definitely needs a bit more work.)

Sandy Jones-Kaminski's Summary on LinkedIn

Click image to view this Summary live and larger

Also worth noting is that when LinkedIn redesigned the profile they hid the website links and other contact info (Twitter handle, email, etc), which essentially shifted the Summary section up, so it’s more visible than ever. Here’s a screen grab with the Contact Info section opened below:

Sandy's contact info section visible on LinkedIn

Click image to view live and larger

I recommend spending some time working on your Summary so you can take advantage of this valuable “real estate.” And, please stop referring to yourself in third-person so you can begin sharing your unique POV with those that visit your profile in the future.

Please comment here if you’ve noticed any other changes to the profile layout that will affect us all going forward.

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