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Learning to Love LinkedIn Tip #8

Posted by on Jul 9, 2010 in networking, resources | 0 comments

When I worked on-site in a business and market development role for a client in 2008 I had 2 monitors on my desk. The first had Outlook and a browser open with tabs for, Gmail, and whatever else I was focused on at the time. The other monitor had another open browser with a tab open to LinkedIn all day, every day. I used LinkedIn to prepare for every conference or cold call I had or made, and just as often I used it to look up someone that had called me, or because I can type with more than two fingers, even as they were calling me if their name came up in the caller ID...

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Learning to Love LinkedIn Tip #7

Posted by on Jun 21, 2010 in networking, resources, strategy | 0 comments

Maybe it’s the many years I spent in market research and/or business intelligence that made me so data driven, but I rarely react to anything without doing some research first. Where do I start? I use LinkedIn to conduct research on almost everything and everyone. Whether it’s a new prospective client, someone I met at a networking event, a highly recommended recruiter, a company I never heard of, or a potential new hiring manager, my go-to place is more often than not LinkedIn. Sure you can Google folks or companies as well, but I save a lot of time, and gain many more insights,...

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Please pick my brain…for a fee!

Posted by on May 12, 2010 in Career | 0 comments

For the next 6 weeks, and for 2 days out of each week, I’m offering friends of friends and/or my Seattle contacts a 50 minute career search or biz dev strategy session for only $50. WE ARE SOLD OUT! THANK YOU FOR ALL THE REFERRALS! Why 50-4-50? Because over the past (almost) 5 years, as many of your know, or have personally experienced, I have acquired a considerable amount of social capital in, and knowledge of the Puget Sound market. So, for a few personal as well as professional reasons, I want to share what I can with those that need it before July 1st. And, just in...

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A blessing from LinkedIn

Posted by on Aug 1, 2008 in networking, pay it forward | 0 comments

A blessing from LinkedIn goes a long way with me, and after reading a press release from Passitto announcing their integration with the powerhouse professional networking site, I found myself on a half hour long research path today. Lots to say about this concept (love it!), but I thought this comment on Mashable was particularly worth sharing: “….I know a lot of people who would love it if I were to connect them with other business providers I know. I usually don’t do this because it takes too long to make this type of connection. It looks like Passitto may make this...

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Find yourself a coach

Posted by on Jun 25, 2008 in pay it forward | 0 comments

While it’s no secret that I do quite a bit of informal career and life coaching (a friend recently said she referred someone to me saying I was “the best cheerleader in the world” – wow!), I am not a coach and don’t want to play one on TV. I am, however, as another friend said, “A passion hunter.” My focus is on identifying people that are seriously passionate about their vision (whatever it may be), and then I help them develop execution strategies to realize what’s possible. My mantra is always, “Go figure out what it is YOU want and...

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