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Event: February is a great time for a Pay It Forward Party!

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February is one of my favorite months to host a Pay It Forward Party because, typically, and probably thanks to Valentine’s Day, most of us seem even more inclined than usual to open our hearts and show some support and a little luv to the awesome people that make up our networking community.

Get the details for my Wed, Feb 12th PIF Party over on Eventbrite and I hope to see you there!

P.S. Feel free to bring a friend, or two, or three…the more the merrier! Just click the button below to share the invite.

Eventbrite - Feb PIF Party & Networking Event: Show Your Network Some LUV


(This is a SF Bay Area – East Bay event.)

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5 Ways to Embrace Giving Tuesday and Pay It Forward During the Holidays on LinkedIn

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Snowman With “Giving Tuesday” and the holiday season upon us why not set aside some time today and during the weeks to come to give back and show some gratitude and holiday spirit to your network by paying it forward on LinkedIn? Here are 5 ways you can do just that:

1) Write an unexpected Recommendation for a connection.

If you worked with or hired someone who turned out to be a rock star go ahead and write a recommendation for them. It’s also a great way to reconnect with a connection that’s drifted off your regular keep-in-touch list. Just be sure to keep it brief and specific, and avoid writing a generic recommendation because they’re often not very useful to your contact and probably won’t get displayed.

Most folks don’t even display recos that sound similar to this, “Joe is a stand-up guy and someone I’d be happy to work with again in the future. Most people think they know sales, but Joe really does!” This might have some posting value if it instead said, “Joe is a reliable, proactive and positive team player, and if I were asked to name a few sales leaders to be on a speaker panel, Joe’s name would be at the top of my list. He exceeded our team goals quarter after quarter and made it to our President’s list 5 years in a row.”

And if you didn’t know you could elect not to display a reco on LinkedIn, here’s how:

Hiding Recommendations on LinkedIn

2) Endorse a connection’s skills when you’re reminded of them (maybe via a tweet, status update, blog post or prompt from LinkedIn). Since LinkedIn added the Endorsements feature (I hear both groans as well as praise for it during my Leveraging LinkedIn learning sessions), you can make a point to endorse at least 1 connection’s skills during your regular visits to LinkedIn.

3) Invite new or old contacts to connect on LinkedIn.

Just be sure to send a PERSONAL message expressing what you noted, respect or appreciate about them, and if you only “met” them via Twitter or somewhere random like that, just be honest about why you want to be connected on LinkedIn (“let’s not lose touch”). Whatever you do, don’t use the default Invitation to Connect message unless you’re using your smart phone right in front of them at an event or on the subway (or whatever) and have opened the LinkedIn mobile app.

4) Make mutually beneficial unsolicited introductions.

When you absolutely, positively know that 2 of your connections would benefit by knowing each other, use LinkedIn to make an introduction. Just be sure that in the message you explain your motivation and then let the 2 parties take it from there. When you make intros within LinkedIn your connections can usually see a bit more about the other party (via their profile) and can then decide for themselves whether they want to take the conversation further and/or outside of LinkedIn.

5) Share your knowledge and insights within a LinkedIn Group you frequent.

This is a great time of year to stop being a lurker in the groups you’ve joined on LinkedIn. You can give back and pay it forward by sharing your knowledge, advice and insights where applicable.  Just use the Search feature within a group to find discussions relevant to your knowledge base and start sharing what you know. Maybe even consider starting a Poll on a current topic relevant to your industry. Folks will appreciate you generating an interactive dialogue, especially when they learn something from it.

Please share any other ways you’ve found or seen others pay it forward on LinkedIn this year. Do you have any new connection stories you can share from giving back or participating in LinkedIn Groups?

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It’s time for the 1st Pay It Forward Party in the East Bay!

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It’s time for the 1st Pay It Forward Party in the East Bay! Join us on Wed, Sept 18, 2013 in Emeryville, CA.

Pay It Forward

Click here to register for the upcoming PIF Party via Eventbrite today!

*What’s a PIF Party you ask?

Have you ever been frustrated with the outcomes of or behaviors at some of the networking events you attend? Or maybe you’ve witnessed behaviors like the old “I’m talking to you, but try not to notice my eyes scanning every other person’s nametag that walks by please,” to the “So, Debbie, what’s Stillheart?” and then their eyes glazing over because you, your situation or words didn’t immediately appear to be a prospect for them.

Well, a few years ago, I recognized that there had to be a better way to make and cultivate quality connections, so I started having my own networking event know as a “PIF Party.” PIF means to for pay it forward, and at a PIF Party, that’s what people do. The general theme of the event is that each guest comes to the PIF party with the intention of helping others first. And, as can be expected, each person leaves feeling good about the community service they’ve provided by having helped others as well as the help they themselves may have received.

Be sure to click here to register for the upcoming PIF Party via Eventbrite and secure your spot today!

Please feel free to share the invitation with others because the more the merrier!

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San Francisco Free Love a.k.a A PIF PARTY

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It’s time to take Bella Domain’s PIF Party concept on the road and the first out-of-state party will be in San Francisco on Thursday, February 11, 2010 at Roe on Howard over near Mission and 3rd. Yes, considering I lived there for almost 5 years not too long ago, and still love that town, how could it not be my first choice?!  You can or go to our PIF Parties page to learn more. Please help us spread the word about this event, and, as always, thanks for supporting the pay it forward way!

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My first Black Friday ad?

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Thanks to Geoff Tucker for shooting the video, then writing and coming up with the initial visual concept for an ad, Keith (Kaminski) for taking the concept and running with it (hell yeah!), and then, of course, Marc Erickson for participating and giving us full usage clearance. You guys ROCK! xo

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