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Help Me Help You: Tell Me What You WANT To Do Next and WHERE You Want To Do It

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Now that I’ve wrapped up my first 2 weeks in my new role as a full-time employee for FILTER, a digital solutions agency for staffing and creative services in San Francisco (and Seattle, LA, Portland), it’s finally time for me to put this request in writing because, quite frankly, helping people connect with employers in my new job pretty much depends on it. birds

When I meet you out and about at an event, on a BART train, in line at Specialty’s or at a board meeting, please tell me NOT what you’ve done, but what you really WANT to do next and WHERE you want to do it. Give me a few titles or roles I can remember and a few company names I can latch onto so I can keep an eye out for them when I’m out there doing my thing.

And for those in both Seattle and San Francisco, be sure to tell me where you DO NOT want to work as well. We all have our lists of both, so don’t be coy and act like you’ll take any job because, even as bad as things have been, we all know that unemployment has been a much more desirable option than taking a job at a place with a commute that’ll kill you and/or destroy your relationships, or at a place like “the Death Star” (don’t ask).

If you’re worried that you’re limiting yourself by this, when you go to your next event, or send your next “I’d like to meet for coffee to reconnect” email, be sure to tell that person 2-3 different roles and/or company names so you can plant a variety of seeds in your garden. Help them help you! :-)

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Engage Online and Off

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Keeping up with the rise of social media, both personally as well as professionally, has clearly created stress for some people, but for many of us it has created loads of new consulting and job opportunities that never even existed before.

For example, a whole new category of jobs under the umbrella of social media has started to appear on most of the job boards out there

Social Media salaries on simplyhired

simplyhired's social media salaries page

and thanks to Mashable I found a timely post that describes ways to find employment and then shine as a Social Community Manager. I’m sharing it here because a favorite topic and activity of mine is encouraged in one of the 10 tips:

8. Engage Online and Off

Though online community is important, connecting with people in-person will help strengthen the relationships you build, Zack from Howcast said. Go to the places where community managers come to exchange ideas and network. “Don’t discount the real-life community,” she said. “Find your tweetups and where people with your interests are meeting in real life.”

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Networking help – it’s everywhere!

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I keep coming across great content on effective connecting/networking out there, and since I have some serious Valentine’s Day spirit already I thought I’d spread some linking love around. Enjoy and please share the love with people you know that could use some networking food for thought!

Learn from Kalpesh’s mistakes.

The Art of Networking (Not Just) For College Grads.

A blog post for SPU students.

Networking Tips for 2010.

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Job hunting? It’s good to be in the west!

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Career Builder released its 2010 U.S. Job Forecast and it indicates that employers in the West are planning to increase their headcounts more in 2010 than the other regions of the country. Nearly one-quarter of employers (24 percent) in the West say they plan to add full-time workers
in 2010, compared to 21 percent in the Northeast, 20 percent in the South and 16 percent in the Midwest (I’m so glad I’m not still in Chicago!).

Unfortunately, and like so many, I know lots of folks that are looking for work, so I thought I’d share this fairly optimistic study on my blog (you can download it by clicking where indicated below).

Overall, twenty percent of employers say they plan to increase their number of full-time, permanent employees in 2010, up from 14 percent in 2009. Nine percent say they plan to decrease headcount in 2010, down sharply from 16 percent in 2009. The remainder of employers say they are unsure or don’t plan to make any changes to their headcount in the new year.

Lots more interesting data to review so DOWNLOAD IT HERE. NOTE: CareerBuilder surveyed more than 2,700 hiring managers and human resource professionals nationwide across industries.

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