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And that’s a wrap

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Where the heck did the first half of 2009 go? Most folks I know are all happy to see it go and must say I am one of them. And, in spite of seeing repeated predictions that things aren’t going to get "back to normal" until Q1 2010, I just know that the second half of this year is going to be better than the first. And, besides, by 2010, I think we’re going to have an entirely new definition of "normal" anyway. P.S. Don’t forget to ask me about my chapter on networking in the upcoming book titled, "Unwritten HR Rules" by Alan Collins.

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Protected: March White Paper

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This should allow you to download the 12 Rules of Networking for HR Pros PDF. If it doesn’t, I’m not the website whiz I thought I was…darn.  Just let me know if you have trouble with it! Click on this:Bella_Domain_NetHRPros_White_Paper

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Networking for HR Professionals…the White Paper

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Many of you know me to be a networking enthusiast and “Connector” (Tipping Point/Gladwell reference), as well an experienced marketer and business development pro.  Well, recently I was asked to author a white paper where I offer 12 Rules of Networkingfor HR industry professionals.  As Bella Domain’s principal consultant, the originator of the Social Capital Assessment, and the current VP of Networking for one of the largest chapters of the American Marketing Association, it actually made sense to me that I was tapped for this worthwhile task.  Besides, me resist a...

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Are your skills relevant?

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Something about the post below really rang true to me, so I wanted to share it.  It’s about ageism as it relates to the unemployed many within the 40+ crowd.  Please keep in mind that this post was part of a discussion on the WA Recruiters listserv and was started by someone that went to an in-person networking event for job seekers which turned out to be made up of almost all 40-somethings.  Their hypothesis certainly warrants consideration these days and is worth the read/ponder. BTW, I don’t advocate accepting the conclusion, but instead maybe consider what can be done to be...

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