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Miz Nakajima, Director of Marketing, ProKarma

“We had the pleasure of having Sandy present on Social Selling at our annual corporate meeting. She pieced together key components and points that were most relevant to our group and delivered an engaging and thoughtful two-hour workshop. Her presentation sparked a lot of ideas and created a platform for ongoing discussions. We enjoyed working with her and would welcome the opportunity to partner with her in future initiatives.”

Miz Nakajima, Director of Marketing, ProKarma

Sandy regularly creates and delivers dynamic and customized presentations from keynotes to breakouts to advanced workshops. Her delivery style is highly participatory with great visual impact. Below is a sampling of some of the sessions she’s developed over the past few years.

In action at LinkedIn Live
Presenting “Leveraging LinkedIn” at LinkedIn Live in Silicon Valley, Nov ’14

Sample Programs:

LinkedIn Live with Sandy Jones-Kaminski, Nov '14
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Leveraging LinkedIn for Business: 

Making the Most of Today’s Most Powerful Professional Networking Tool

Worldwide, there are over 430 million people (and counting) with a profile on LinkedIn. Most of us created one there hoping to build relationships, promote our brands, grow our networks and attract new clients or opportunities, but are you truly and effectively leveraging this tool to accomplish all these things?

Kudos for Sandy from Leveraging LinkedIn and Networking to Build Buzz, Generate Leads and Increase Your ConnectionsBusiness development pro and “LinkedIn ninja,” Sandy Jones-Kaminski, offers a 60-90 minute jam-packed presentation where she guides attendees on a deep dive into a maximized LinkedIn profile. Then, she shares her hands-on knowledge of the many, “Why didn’t I think of that?” things you (and your team) can do to efficiently grow your network and promote your business via LinkedIn’s powerful professional networking platform. Attendees will also learn how to leverage LinkedIn to build a great reputation – and drive new business relationships.

Each attendee will receive a complimentary copy of Sandy’s handy LinkedIn Profile Makeover tool.

“Sandy was a guest speaker for our Mind the Bridge Startup School, and presented an outstanding seminar on how to use LinkedIn. She demonstrated a deep, uncommon knowledge of the subject and maintained an excellent rapport with the class. I would recommend her unequivocally…” – Charles Versaggi, Mind The Bridge

“Sandy Jones-Kaminski is a woman who knows her stuff. Not only is she a wealth of information, she graciously shares it as well. Her talk at the SF Chapter of the International Coach Federation was jammed packed with extremely helpful LinkedIn tips that were easily implemented. Her warmth and style makes her very approachable and a joy to work with. She definitely left us wanting more.”
– Donna Camille, Coach, Speaker, Breakthrough Coaching


Please contact Sandy for additional information about this program or are you ready to book Sandy as a speaker?

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Social Selling Essentials: How to Drive New Business on LinkedIn SandyJK's LinkedIn recos for LinkedIn trainings

Social selling is the term used to describe the way in which social media can be leveraged to attract sales prospects, engaging with them, and moving them along the sales funnel.

Digital disruption has forever changed the sales and marketing landscape. Instead of waiting to be told about a company’s products and services, buyers are turning to social media to research vendors and make buying decisions.

In this new environment, it’s more crucial than ever for sales and marketing to align and create a united social media strategy to reach prospective customers. Organizations that have embraced social selling are able to influence buyers throughout their buying journey, provide them more value and ultimately drive sales success.

Social selling has also grown as today’s generation of sales professionals have learned to leverage their online networks and social media to expand their customer base and build long-term, happy customer relationships. They have used these networks to share knowledge, promote their offerings and reach decision makers who are becoming increasingly difficult to find through traditional cold calling techniques. They serve as brand ambassadors and demonstrate that they live – and love – their product. This proactive and strategic approach is key if your company wants to leverage the LinkedIn platform. And by using LinkedIn’s social selling tools, practically any professional can cultivate sales leads through their professional networks.

In this presentation you’ll learn:

  • How sales, marketing, and customers benefit when a company adopts a social selling approach
  • Ways marketing and sales can align their social selling efforts to connect with more people, boost brand recognition and drive sales
  • How your business can leverage social selling to generate better leads and close more deals
SandyJK and attendees in action at LinkedIn Essentials
Sandy’s LinkedIn Essentials+ Workshop

LinkedIn Live speaker, and former corporate business development pro, Sandy Jones-Kaminski will share how she and many others have tapped into the vast LinkedIn network to discover high-quality prospects, raise their visibility, create engagement and generate warm introductions through proven social selling tactics and their digital connections, all while creating strong relationships and opportunities that lead to sales.

Kristen Crawford, ProKarma“Sandy was invited to ProKarma’s Annual Global Summit as a guest speaker. She provided valuable insight into the trends in social selling and focused on maximizing how to best set-up and use LinkedIn. She has an in-depth knowledge and was able to keep the audience engaged by keeping the presentation interactive. The entire group came away with valuable information and we are already seeing a nice benefit in a short period of time. I would recommend her to anyone looking to learn valuable LinkedIn techniques.”
– Kristen Crawford, VP Strategic Accounts, ProKarma

Please contact Sandy for additional information about this program.

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A Pay It Forward Approach to Networking: 

Make Meaningful Connections via Networking with a Focus on Helping Others FirstAre you taking a Pay It Forward approach to networking?

As the founder of BDM’s Pay It Forward Party, Sandy Jones-Kaminski believes that beyond self-promotion, networking can help build community, and when approached with a “pay it forward” attitude, it can even help create healthier social and business environments.

During her presentation, or as part of an orientation at a sponsored Pay It Forward Party, Sandy will offer her advice and share some practical tips on how to cultivate meaningful connections, engage in thoughtful conversations and create good social capital in your personal as well as professional life.

I had the distinct pleasure of planning and attending Sandy’s workshop for the Project management Institute–SF Chapter. Sandy’s workshop was well organized and presented. It was an interactive workshop so there wasn’t a dull moment from start to finish. Participants had the opportunity to practice scenario situations and do a mini-networking activity.
Sandy knows her stuff and people walked away feeling empowered with a sense of confidence to approach & attend networking events with a sense of purpose. Sandy is worth her weight in gold and she has honed her years of experience into a fun and enjoyable experience for those who attend her workshops.” – Lola Akanmu, SFBAC-PMI board


PPraise from event organizer for SandyJKlease contact Sandy for additional information about this program.

Sandy gave a dual presentation to our team at Sterling Communications, first acting as a LinkedIn sherpa for mastering our profiles and managing our connections; then offering advice for taking the sting out of in-person networking. I had unexpected fun at an open house later the same night as a result AND met three new interesting people! She is incredibly informative and approachable. – Deirdre Blake, Senior Content Manager, Sterling Communications

About BDM’s Pay It Forward Parties:

“Sandy’s PIF Party was wonderful. Everyone I met was thoughtful, kind and eager to genuinely connect and serve. The event was definitely a reflection of Sandy’s many gifts in bringing brilliant people together to build lasting connections through authentic support. Thank you, Sandy.” – Jamie Greenwood, Jamie Living.

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I’ve Been On LinkedIn, Now What? Using LinkedIn to Market Yourself

Did you know there are over 10 million searches on LinkedIn each day, and that two new members join LinkedIn every second?

Creating a visible, professional-looking presence on LinkedIn’s 430-million-member platform is the first step to making a memorable first impression in today’s marketplace. It’s also a great place to market yourself, enhance your reputation and continue to grow your professional network — even if you’re not currently in transition.

Studies have shown that LinkedIn sends nearly four times more people to company websites than either Twitter or Facebook, so it’s clear that any professional can benefit from having a strong and active presence on today’s largest business networking platform. Attend this jam-packed 60 min program to learn the ten things you can do on LinkedIn to generate leads, raise your visibility and deepen your connections for an outstanding year.

Mark Muenchow SVP FEI SVSandy’s session focusing on LinkedIn for CFOs and other guests of Financial Executives International’s Silicon Valley Chapter was outstanding, interactive, and packed with actionable suggestions appropriate for the audience. Her content is up to date, well presented and suitable for senior executives of any discipline. I highly recommend her as a resource for individuals needing to upgrade their social media intelligence, savvy and presence on LinkedIn. – Mark Muenchow, SVP Financial Executives International, Silicon Valley Chapter


12 Rules of Effective Networking: A Networking Event is a Farmer Event.....

What to do and what not to do while working hard to boost your net worth via networking at events

Today, more than ever, the quality of your network contributes to your net worth. And the only way to create a quality network is to actually focus on quality over quantity when attempting to make new connections. How do you do that when you don’t even know whether your networking skills are where they need to be?

Well, just like effective management and leadership skills, networking skills CAN be learned.

Based on her well-reviewed (5 stars!) book, I’m at a Networking Event–Now What???, Sandy Jones-Kaminski’s humorous and motivating “12 Rules of Effective Networking” presentation will offer some easy-to-remember tactics and valuable insights on what to do, and just as importantly, what not to do while working hard to build good social capital and grow and nurture your professional network.

“I recently attended a webinar where Sandy was the guest speaker and presented “12 Steps to Effective Networking.” I found Sandy’s presentation very insightful as she provided helpful tips and creatively fielded a number of challenging questions from the audience. I will very diligently try to apply Sandy’s suggestions in my own professional and personal networking activities. Thanks for all the good ideas Sandy. You’re obviously a real pro on all things networking.”
Jeffrey M., Xerox

12 Rules of Effective Networking as a webinar

I’m ready to book Sandy as a speaker! 

Please contact Sandy for additional information about this program.

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Cultivating Connections and Networking Effectively (at conferences):

Making the Most of (insert conference name here): Proven tactics for maximizing opportunities to network and build relationships at conferences

The majority of conference attendees will share that one of the most important reasons they attend such events is to grow their professional network.Sandy Jones-Kaminski at OHUG 2012 (session sign)

Do you want your attendees to forge valuable connections that will have them raving about and returning to your conference for years to come? Then you have to do more than providing 15-minute breaks between sessions or hosting a “networking” cocktail party at the end of the day.

“As advisor to a large membership association Board of Directors, I recommended Sandy to provide a networking tutorial to our members. Her very personable approach and highly informative content gave our members a practical approach to networking at our most recent conference. The comments from them ranged from “outstanding presentation” to “learned a new skill that I put to work immediately at the conference.” Sandy has a very easy-going presentation style that brings the art of networking to people who were too shy to approach others. I have seen it work to tremendous effectiveness. I recommend Sandy to anyone wishing to learn the skill.” – Nov Omana, Advisor to the Oracle HCM User Group Board

Please contact Sandy for additional information about this program.

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Additional signature program options:

  • You Can Attend Networking Events and Not Hate Yourself in the Morning: Anyone can learn to network effectively as well as comfortably once they understand what the best practices and the tips and tricks are around preparing for events as well as what to do before and then after networking events.
  • Social Media Marketing Can Do Wonders for Your Small Business: Why use social networks in your marketing and sales efforts? Because that’s where your clients are! Having even a minimal presence on LinkedIn and other social platforms today can do wonders for your business and expanding your network. The key is learning what’s enough and what the best practices are for the tools that are right for YOUR business.
  • Showcasing Your Professional Brand OnlineThe Digital World and Your Personal Brand: Showcasing and protecting your personal brand in the digital world is not something to do as an afterthought. Learn how you can and should manage your brand and digital footprint for maximum professional success.
  • LinkedIn for Social CEOs: A 2015 study by Weber Shandwick shows that the rate of CEOs using LinkedIn nearly quadrupled since 2012, making LinkedIn the most popular social network for top executives last year. Learn what other CEOs are doing and how and why you should set policy for LinkedIn usage within your company.
  • Networking Tips, Technique & Etiquette: Sandy shares some of her top tips about how to win friends and influence people in the modern Find Sandy's book, I'm at a Networking Event--Now What??? on Amazon or iTunesmarketplace.  A huge proponent of the “pay it forward” philosophy, she will discuss some personal stories of how she’s leveraged her network of relationships to great effect and how her constant attempts to assist others have brought her many levels of personal/professional prosperity, in return. During the second half of the program, attendees engage in a few networking exercises and icebreakers designed to help them make some new acquaintances and become more effective at this important interpersonal aspect of the job search or business development process.

Sandy will be happy to work with you on creating a customized program for your audience and unique set of goals. Please contact her directly by message here: Contact Sandy for additional information about a customized program.

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Do you help people network effectively at your conferences?Praise:

Below are just a few of the ways Sandy’s been described by her clients and audience members.

  •     Engaging, upbeat and high-energy
  •     The Suze Orman of LinkedIn
  •     Social media mastermind
  •     Networking guru
  •     The LinkedIn goddess
  •     Incredible speaker
  •     LinkedIn rockstar
  •     The queen of social networking tips
  •     LinkedIn savant
  •     Fun and informative
  •     Extremely knowledgeable and personable
  •     Excellent speaker
  •     LinkedIn ninja
  •     Super easy to work with
  •     Networking sage

We’re pleased to introduce Sandy Jones-Kaminski, networking guru and author of I’m at a Networking Event – Now What??? During the Newbie Breakfast, Sandy will help you step away from your inner wallflower, overcome your shyness, and effectively network at this year’s event. – Dresden Shumaker, BlogHer ’13

Download Sandy’s speaker sheet here: Sandy Jones-Kaminski Speaker Sheet

I’m ready to book Sandy as a speaker! 

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