“….Sandy’s book is outstanding. It’s one of those books that brings together a bunch of well known information and comes up with a new conclusion that feels much better than what I thought previously and completely demystifies what was a very intimidating event.”      – Steve P.

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Expand your business perspectives

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Make contact with that one person that could open doors for you

Receive top tips about how to win friends and influence people in the modern marketplace

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Do you feel like you or the people you work with might be missing opportunities to make connections that matter at networking events? Would you like that to stop?

I’m at a Networking Event–Now What??? ,  the #1 pick on the Inc.com 2010 Holiday Gift Guide: My Business Books Wish List, illustrates that online social networking environments practically demand that you have at least some knowledge of effective offline networking best practices in order to achieve the results most of us are looking for today.

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You will learn how to make quality connections, cultivate relationships, expand your circle of influence through networking events, and create good “social capital.” The book also provides valuable information on networking tools and technology that will promote new contacts and connections.

Readers will gain valuable new insights on what to do, and just as importantly, what not to do while you’re out there working hard to maintain good standing within your social networks (on-line or otherwise) and striving to grow and nurture your own valuable social capital. You’ll also learn what it means to be a “pay it forward” focused person as well as how to be more memorable.

Before you buy the book, take a look at some of the early endorsements HERE or this insightful one on Goodreads.



Rave review of I'm at a Networking Event--Now What??? on Amazon

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Feedback on the book:

“Sandy’s no-nonsense presentation of fundamental networking skills is an entertaining read to give all of us new at this confidence with a “Can-Do” attitude. She also cites numerous references in her book that will continue to be valuable to every social situation in life. Her book belongs in my library right next to the “One Minute Manager” and “60 Seconds and You’re Hired.” – Marty R.

“This is a great book for learning how to network properly! I love the pay-it-forward approach where I’m in it to help others! I highly recommend it for building your relationship skills.” – Flora D.

“For an introvert like myself, this book has been a godsend. Instead of being a wallflower, this book gives you practical advice on what to do at a networking event. I am able to go to these events and come back with four GOOD contacts instead of 20 meaningless business cards.

The best tips are after the networking event in chapter 6. There are examples of how to write an email to make introductions to people who have a common interest, yet do not know each other. This has worked four times for me in the space of two weeks. The best part is that once you have made the introduction, then it is up to them to make it work. This is part of Sandy’s “pay it forward” attitude throughout the book.”   – Jim S.

“Sandy has a lovely way of showing that networking is simply about saying hello, offering your support and encouragement and following up. All things we learned in kindergarten but forgot along the way. She explains that networking is really relationship building and she offers common sense ways to go about meeting people. Make a connection. Be sincere. Follow up. Great book.” – LaNette P.

“I’m at a Networking Event–Now What???
A Guide to Getting the Most Out of Any Networking Event

by Sandy Jones-Kaminski

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