As a San Francisco-based digital marketing strategies and execution firm, Bella Domain Media (BDM) embraces what’s become known as the “king of all marketing strategies.” We help solo entrepreneurs and small to midsize businesses create and promote consistent, compelling content to effectively market their brands online. Like other traditional forms of marketing, content marketing is typically used to drive customer acquisition, deeper engagement with current customers, and for brand awareness.

Today, content marketing surpasses search engine marketing, public relations, and even print, television and radio advertising as the preferred marketing tool for most of today’s business-to-business or global professionals. In fact, studies show that twice as many B2B marketers now employ content marketing as they do print, TV and radio advertising. Content is King Crown

So what exactly is content marketing? It’s the creation and publication of original content for the purpose of generating leads, enhancing a brand’s visibility, and putting your subject matter expertise on display. Content can include:

  • blog posts
  • case studies
  • press releases
  • white papers
  • books
  • polls
  • checklists
  • infographics
  • webcasts
  • photos and
  • videos

And since content marketing is rooted in the philosophy of giving first and working to build trusting relationships with prospective customers, it’s only natural that it’s part of our offering.

These days, people are looking online, not necessarily for a business to hire, but for content that will answer their questions and provide them some immediate value. Only if they find that from you will they consider working with you or your company. Your perceived value is directly linked to your ability to provide quality content.

If your goals include the following:

  • driving sales and leads
  • boosting brand awareness
  • leveraging tools like LinkedIn Publishing
  • establishing or maintaining thought leadership and
  • increasing site traffic or improving search results, then

focusing your efforts on a content marketing strategy – tied to a practical “social selling” program – can play a significant role in your success. Click here to contact us, so we can discuss your specific goals and needs.

Create a truly unique brand experience

Content marketing has become popular today because of its ability to generate qualified leads while also engaging your prospects in what’s called a “branded environment” without blowing your budget. In addition to being cost effective, most B2B marketers also recognize that most of their customers and prospects are online which is why they’re focusing their marketing efforts mainly on the Internet and especially on platforms like LinkedIn.

A key component of BDM’s content marketing practice is  “content curation” – which is defined as the process of finding, organizing and sharing content via social media or email marketing campaigns. We see it as a way to fuel your marketing programs, and doing it yourself is often hindered by a lack of time, original and quality content, or even having the staff to do the work. That’s why we recommend you outsource this part of your marketing efforts to us.

Are you ready to use the intersection of content marketing and social media to deploy “social selling” tactics to enhance and advance your brand? Our mission is to create written and visual content that engages and inspires others to connect to the resources, people, ideas and opportunities that will enable them to achieve their business and professional goals.

We’ll help you:

• Create a solid content marketing strategy
• Design a practical social selling distribution plan
• Determine your target audience(s) and identify ideal content topics
• Optimize your content for search
• Measure the success of your content


Are you unsure how to create consistent, compelling content for your business or do you have content but aren’t quite sure how to market it? We* can help! Email me here to get help with your content creation as it relates to a “social selling” strategy and I’ll be in touch promptly.

*As needed, BDM collaborates with and assembles experts on various channels and verticals in order to deliver unique and specific content solutions for each client.

Ready to get started? Click here to schedule a Content Marketing Mastermind session with yours truly, Sandy Jones-Kaminski, CCO of Bella Domain Media.