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Career Strategy 

“I went to Sandy for consultation on career and business matters and got more great advice from her in two hours than most people could give in a month. Sandy is very savvy with knowing how to effectively network and use numerous digital and social media platforms to full advantage.”
-Heather R.

With a solid and diverse business background, plus plenty of experience in various corporate cultures, I offer informal and personalized career coaching (no tests to take here!). I’ve had management responsibility, executive team experience, have hired (and terminated) staff and know what it’s like to be on the firing line. I bring personal and relevant business knowledge as well as loads of experience as a mentor and advisor.

I have strategies and tools for:

  • transitions
  • re-entering the workforce
  • goal setting
  • career change
  • professional development
  • retooling your professional brand and online presence.

Contact me to briefly discuss what you want to accomplish and determine if I am really the one that can help you.

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“Sandy is simply a networking rock star. She has a gift to help each person on their hunt on an individual level and does not do a one size fits all approach whatsoever. She not only gave me terrific advice (which I used) but helped me chose the right job and even followed through after to make sure I was happy. There are few people out there like Sandy. If you are searching for a job or looking to make a change, she will help you get to the right job for you.”
-Teresa G.

“Sandy is generous, outgoing and incredibly knowledgeable about social networking and tackling the ever-challenging job search. After one hour of meeting with her, I was left with tons of fabulous job search ideas, networking tips of the trade, and a list of new groups and forums that I had not uncovered on my own despite months of searching. Sandy gave me the extra motivation and knowledge I needed to hit the ground running.”
-Jennifer N.

LinkedIn for Career

Did you know I offer a personalized, 2-hr Mastering LinkedIn learning session for job seekers or career climbers looking to elevate their use of LinkedIn® for career management or job search? Were you aware that what you do or don’t do, and what you have to say or share on LinkedIn are equally important? Well, both are true!LinkedIn Profile Makeover tool is waiting for you!

During our session, I’ll take you on a deep dive into your LinkedIn profile as well as your current footprint on LinkedIn in general. I’ll show you ways to capitalize on LinkedIn’s functionality to demonstrate your expertise on your LinkedIn profile. And then we’ll review the many ways you can generate leads, exposure, and interest via your overall presence on this powerful social networking tool (including groups). The session will be fun and relevant to your industry or specific goals. For example, maybe you want to move into a different industry or increase your visibility in your current one? Well, I can help you polish and shift your professional brand on LinkedIn to support that!

Prepay for your LinkedIn learning session here and I’ll be in touch to learn more about you and get your session scheduled asap!

Need a nudge? Please read these:

“My session with Sandy was invaluable at improving and completing my LinkedIn profile. She showed me how to tailor LinkedIn to my personal preferences and professional goals. I really enjoyed her hands-on approach and we worked on updates and edits during the session as she taught me about all the services LinkedIn provides. She has a wealth of knowledge in how to optimize LinkedIn!”

– Jean Santullo, Adjunct Faculty, College of Graduate and Professional Studies at John F. Kennedy University

“Sandy’s in-depth knowledge and perspective of LinkedIn is outstanding! As a consultant, Sandy helped me improve my LinkedIn profile in a thoughtful, appealing and SEO-friendly way. Sandy excels in leading you to fresh insights regarding your real goals, interests, and skills, and how to best present them using LinkedIn’s tools. Thank you, Sandy for all your knowledge and expertise!”

-Leslie Nathan, job seeker

Appointments are available in October for the coaching series, but continue to fill up fast, so don’t wait! Submit PAYMENT INFO in advance here so we can get your first Career Transformation coaching session scheduled pronto.

“Sandy is a career coach, motivator and guide par excellence. She has personally counseled and helped me think through my career objectives in light of my current experiences as well as future aspirations. I would recommend her to anyone looking to better message their current work experience, articulate their career objectives to potential employers or simply structure their resume. She is a LinkedIn savant and can also help anyone make better use of this excellent tool!”

-Alok Kapur, Mobile & Emerging Media Senior Business Executive, formerly with Microsoft