3 Things You Should Do On LinkedIn Sooner Rather Than Later

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After receiving such a positive response to my recent post covering the 10 things I do on LinkedIn® each and every week, I knew it was time to share a few more of what I refer to as basic “LinkedIn Hacks,” so here goes. Have you spent anytime poking around your Settings on LinkedIn? Well, if you haven’t you should. There are quite a few things there that if you knew exactly what they meant, you would be toggling off a check box or two faster than can read this post. One of the two most important things I do when I first start a one-on-one session with a new client is to go...

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Create an Engaging About Us Page With Some Help From LinkedIn

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Here’s another, little known thing you can do with help from LinkedIn: create an engaging About Us page for your company, bio or your job search/resume site. LinkedIn’s timeline app is cool and something with which many of us could find lots of other interesting uses. To see a timeline that’s already been generated, you can view mine from 2012 2013 below (Quicktime needed and check your browser — definitely Safari friendly): LinkedIn_timeline_video_Sandyjk_2012 SandyJK_LinkedIn_Timeline_2013 Here’s a screen grab of what you’ll see in case you have browser...

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FREE DIY LinkedIn Profile Audit Tool

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Since I’m focused on helping people strategize the best ways to maximize LinkedIn for their unique set of goals, I wanted to offer my LinkedIn Profile Audit Checklist tool (2014 version!) for FREE. Download it by clicking HERE or the image below. Why not set aside about 30-45 minutes this week to tackle my do-it-yourself audit and see if you don’t attract some new eyeballs, get a few leads or (re)connect with some new people on LinkedIn? And if you think you’re ready to become a LinkedIn Master, just contact me and we’ll take your use of LinkedIn to the expert...

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My First Cyber Monday Offer: Special Discount on all 1:1 or group trainings!

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My First Cyber Monday Offer! This year, take advantage of a 20% discount on all one-on-one and group LinkedIn for Career or Business trainings. Here’s how to get your 20% discount: All you need to do is complete my Contact form on Monday, Nov 26, 2012 with which training you’re interested in (some examples below) and you’ll save 20% off any of the 1-on-1 or group trainings I offer. It’s that easy! Don’t put off getting some expert help on how to maximize your presence on (and use of) LinkedIn so you’re ready for an ah-mazing 2013! Personalized LinkedIn...

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The holiday networking season is here! Practical advice and tips on making the most of it this year.

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As a follow-up to the free Aug conference call I co-hosted with the brilliant author of Branding Basics for Small Business, Maria Ross of Red Slice, I’m offering some FREE tips on my other favorite subject (besides LinkedIn): NETWORKING. So, before you head off on your Turkey Day weekend, or into Dec, be sure to TAKE 15 MIN TO LISTEN to some practical advice and expert tips on making the most of the many opportunities to connect during the holiday networking season. I promise, you’ll gain a little more confidence and a lot more spring in your step! And remember: Networking is a...

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What constitutes a complete LinkedIn profile?

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Fact: LinkedIn users with complete profiles are 40 times more likely to receive opportunities through LinkedIn. (This is partly because complete profiles get ranked higher when someone does a search.) Fact: A recent Jobvite survey found that 93% of recruiters use LinkedIn to source candidates. (No surprise there.) So, whether you’re a W-2 employee, a 1099 contractor, small biz owner or job seeker, you need to confirm that your profile is 100% complete. According to my source (LinkedIn), a complete profile on LinkedIn includes: Your industry and location An up-to-date current position...

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