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5 Most Popular Posts of 2013: LinkedIn Tips and more

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Well, 2013 is almost a wrap and, to sum up a pretty great year, I’m sharing my top 5 articles/posts of 2013. You loved (and shared) them the first time, so here they are one more time — I hope you enjoy! Happy, Happy New Year! 10 of My Favorite Quotes About Networking 7 Savvy Networking Tips The 10 Things I Do on LinkedIn Each and Every Week 3 Simple Steps to Get Started With a Company Page on LinkedIn 3 Things You Should Do On LinkedIn Sooner Rather Than Later P.S. Last chance to take advantage of $50 off 2013 prices for a 2 hr personalized Boost Your Brand on LinkedIn session....

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Even Al Roker Gets Overwhelmed By LinkedIn

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It’s true. Even Al Roker, the weatherman for NBC’s TODAY show, gets overwhelmed by LinkedIn. Actually, on Dec 11, 2013, and during the very chatty 3rd hour of TODAY, a segment aired about the most overused words on LinkedIn. And in it,┬áhe shared that he finds LinkedIn “annoying” and “overused.” [VIDEO] To be exact, first, he said he found the unsolicited invites from people he knew annoying and that they should just call him. And then, after Natalie (Morales) was finally able to read the list of the words in question, he piped in again saying he had...

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Time for Your Leave Behind List for 2013

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It’s officially time to start making a list of the things you’d like to leave behind in 2013! As I shared a few years ago, my husband and I adopted a very helpful year-end tradition that has proven to be both effective and fun. For us, and other folks that aren’t fans of a new years resolution list, making a list of the things we’d like to leave behind from 2013 allows us to create space for the things we really want to have in our lives in the New Year. We usually start our lists over the Thanksgiving Day weekend and then add to them up until New Year’s Eve....

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5 Ways to Embrace Giving Tuesday and Pay It Forward During the Holidays on LinkedIn

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With “Giving Tuesday” and the holiday season upon us why not set aside some time today and during the weeks to come to give back and show some gratitude and holiday spirit to your network by paying it forward on LinkedIn? Here are 5 ways you can do just that: 1) Write an unexpected Recommendation for a connection. If you worked with or hired someone who turned out to be a rock star go ahead and write a recommendation for them. It’s also a great way to reconnect with a connection that’s drifted off your regular keep-in-touch list. Just be sure to keep it brief and...

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3 Simple Steps to Get Started With a Company Page on LinkedIn

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Company pages on LinkedIn aren’t just for companies like Cisco, Chase or Facebook. And if you haven’t added a company page for your business on LinkedIn you’re missing out. When you have a Company Page set up on LinkedIn you can not only share news about and promote your business, you can create a way for those not quite ready to buy your product or service to stay informed without having to commit in any way whatsoever. Followers of your page don’t need to provide their email or “connect” formally. (And, yes, I know many of us want email addresses, but...

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