Please join me for a FREE conference call on Thu, Aug 16 at 10 am PDT / 1 pm EDT. Here’s the skinny:

The Top 5 LinkedIn Profile Tweaks to Boost Your Brand

LinkedIn savant*, Sandy Jones-Kaminski (moi), and branding expert, Maria Ross of Red Slice are going to share 5 top tweaks for boosting your LinkedIn profile visibility to build your brand, generate leads and increase exposure. Did I mention this 30 min call is FREE?  I hope you can join us and please REGISTER HERE!

And, if you can’t wait until then, check out my handy DIY tool via this post or consider requesting your own 2 hr 1:1 Leveraging LinkedIn session via Skype, or in-person if you’re in the SF Bay Area.

P.S. Tickets are no longer available for the follow-up webinar scheduled to take place on Thu, Aug 23 also at 10 am PDT / 1 pm EDT. Contact us directly if you would like a deeper diver into LinkedIn for Business Development. This will be an true learning session, NOT a thinly veiled plug for consulting services, and you can be anywhere in front of your computer (at the office, your home or a local coffee shop?) to listen in! 🙂

*Sandy provided our Columbia Hospitality sales directors with training in LinkedIn. She was extremely helpful in explaining and demonstrating various ways LinkedIn can help our sales team find appropriate business connections. She also provided the training with an uplifting tone that kept everyone engaged and excited about learning.

Shelley Tomberg
VP Sales and Marketing
Columbia Hospitality

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Conference Call: Top 5 LinkedIn Profile Tweaks to Boost Your Brand
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